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Don’t Shave Your Beard Itches

Most people think growing a beard is low maintenance because you just let it grow and leave it alone. But it’s wrong.

The second you encounter the itchy phase, you give up and shave your beard off.

During that phase, your beard is soaking up the oils from your face and leaving the skin dry. The other reason your beard itches in that phase is because the short hairs start to curl back and poke your skin.

Here’s a secret that everyone using Beard_Oil knows:

There doesn’t have to be an itchy phase.

Using Beard_oil is the best way to combat the itchy phase.

It will moisturize and nourish the beard but most importantly it will moisturize the skin underneath. There’s nothing quite as itchy as dry skin, especially on your face, so you absolutely have to use an oil or the itch will drive you crazy.

I recommend using a Beard_Oil every morning or twice a day if you feel the itching continues. You’ll notice after the first few days that your beard is softer, smells great, and doesn’t itch or hurt.

To apply, take a few drops and spread the oil into your palms. Rub the oil into your_beard making sure it gets all the way down to the skin. Then, use a comb or a brush to style the beard into place and evenly distribute the oil.

Pro tip: if you want more control, check out a Beard_Balm. They add the control you need to keep flyaways in check so that your beard looks solid and strong.

Moisturizing your_beard is key to getting through the awkward, itchy phase. If you are trying to go rogue and tough it out, I commend you but I strongly suggest using at least a Beard_Oil to survive that first phase and grow a strong, healthy_beard.

Take care!

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