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8 Most Popular Man Bun

Man bun now is a fashionable men’s hairstyle. If you like long hairstyle then you can try it.

There are different styles that you can try depending on how you want to look. The full bun is more suitable for a more sophisticated or formal look. However, if the sides and back of your head are short, a top knot will look good.

Men’s Haircuts: The Definitive Guide 2021

If youre looking for the popular man bun, please watch our complete guide.

1. Classic Men Bun

Credit: @longhaireddreams/ Instagram

 If you want get a sophisticated or formal look, you can choose to it. The full bun is a good choice for gentlemen.

2. Curls Men Bun

Credit: @bunhairmen/ Instagram

It’s really cool shot with curly top with bun. If you want to get this, you need to grow long hair and make it into curls.

3. Messy Men Bun

Credit: @bunhairmen/ Instagram

To get a great messy bun, start by creating a smooth, neat bun, then use fingers or a comb to loosen and pull bits free. This will give you total control over the style. When you’ve got it just how you want, set with a mist of hair spray.

4. Disconnected Men Bun

Credit: @barbarossabarbershop/ Instagram

If you like this type of cut, you can ask the barber to cut hair.

5. Taper Fade Top Knot

Credit: @micromakeupacademy/ Instagram

If the sides and back of your head are short, a top knot will look good.

6. Skin Fade Top Knot

Credit: @tom.s_barbershop/ Instagram

Similar to the picture above. The difference is that the sides are skin fade.

7. Cornrows

Credit: @astorrga_/ Instagram

Cornrows are often done in simple, straight lines, as the term implies, but they can also be styled in elaborate geometric or curvilinear designs.

8. Half-Bun

Credit: @bunhairmen/ Instagram

The half-bun features the top half of hair swept into a bun while the rest is left loose. The style can look great on gents with either long or medium length locks.

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Men Men's hairstyles

Mens Bun

The mens bun is now fashionable and can no longer be found alone in the women’s domain. In addition to the regained full beard, man is now going all out with his head hair. The topknot can be traced back to antiquity, when women still attached it with pieces of jewelry such as hairpins or a comb.

The bun for him exudes pure casualness, usually to be found on the back of the head or towards the neck, as you like. According to your taste and your hair length.

The styling

The mens bun is very easy to make. Take all your hair, brush it back and twist it into a light bulb, put your hair elastic in and you’re done. Better to refrain from experiments and use a classic black or brown hair tie. Do not worry if individual strands fall out.

You should always wear your bun loosely on the road or when you’re out and about. But besides all the casualness it can exude, your hair should never look greasy or felty. Care is the be-all and end-all. With a lot of hair on your head and face, you slip faster than a man thinks into an unkempt exterior, so you should take the tips on care to heart (tips follow below).

But the strict variant also has advantages. When styling, simply take the washed, towel-dried hair and pull it back, but please do not let any strands fall. So that the look fits perfectly into the picture, some hair oil can be used, it gives the hair shine and it is not made difficult by any styling products. Here as an example Jared Leto. Also make sure that the rest of the face looks very well-groomed and that no hair is shagging anywhere. Grooming is the be-all and end-all for a man’s bun.

The way to the mens bun

It all sounds very simple so far, so why not just go for it? The most difficult thing is actually getting to the bun. Growing and caring for the scalp hair and not looking neglected during this phase often complicates the whole procedure for the man. Patience is required here and a hairdresser with supportive tips. In the article “Long hair” we already gave a few tips for the transition phase. How you do it well is described here: click! There is actually something for every phase.

However, one should be careful not to cut too many layers in the hair. In combination with the bun, you shouldn’t have a negative tendency towards the beard, whether a full beard or a 3-day beard is unimportant, you just shouldn’t be clean-shaven. Rebellious hair and a straight face take away the power of your hairstyle! If you have fine hair, a high forehead or a receding hairline, then the bun is not the right look for you either.

Mens bun care

As mentioned at the beginning, a lot of hair on the head and face quickly leads to an unkempt exterior. A rule of thumb is actually the more hair there is on the head, the less hair should be on the face, but this is a little different with the men’s bun. A beard is part of it, so you automatically have a lot of hair and that means even more care. Especially in the transition period you should pamper your hair. Mild, non-moisturizing shampoo should be used, e.g. the Goldwell Scalp Sensitive and now and then a cure.

Of course, there are also special care products that promote blood circulation in the scalp and thus also hair growth. We can recommend the “Active” series from GLYNT. That should be enough for most hair. If you want to wear a strict bun you can still use hairspray or foam, but you should always pay attention to the dosage. Too much is never good, unless it really has to endure something.


It remains to be seen whether the new men’s hair fashion will develop into a mainstream hairstyle trend like the undercut, or whether it will continue to be stylish and rebellious. We wish you every success with growing and persevering. Here you can find an overview of the trendy men’s hairstyles. If you liked the article, please leave a like, we would be happy. Here are a few more inspirations from our Pinterest pin board.

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