Long Hairstyle For Men

Long Hairstyle For Men

Today there is again something new about hairstyles! And a rather neglected topic: Because with all hairstyle trends that are there for men, one thing always comes a little too short: Long hair for men. What exactly “long” means cannot be said in general.

“Long” is a matter of opinion, even varies from culture to culture. As soon as one speaks of a hair length that goes beyond the chin for men, there are really few trends in this direction for men. Why is that? In our country and in many other countries, long hair is culturally attributed to women. Historically, there have always been different norms in Europe and men’s hair has been worn sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.

Even if conventions have been liberalized significantly in recent years and there are far fewer taboos when it comes to style, short hairstyles are the standard for men. If men wear longer hair, it often means that they stand out from the social norm and have their own style.

Long hairstyles for men – a trend

But hairstyles that also require longer hair for men are becoming increasingly fashionable. It’s not just in celebrity actors like Johnny Depp or Owen Wilson and singers like Bill Kaulitz or Jared Leto that you can see a real mane more and more often, you can also see more and more men with long hairstyles on the streets. So such a change should definitely be worth considering.

For many faces, a hairstyle with chin-length or even longer hair is definitely advantageous. Especially if you have strong, healthy and well-groomed hair, you are welcome to present it longer. Regardless of whether the hair structure is straight or wavy, there is now the perfect cut for everyone. The hairstyle should of course also match your personal style and lifestyle.

The transition from a short hairstyle to a longer hairstyle is somewhat problematic. During this time you should seek advice from your hairdresser and find a good, suitable solution for each length level. Just growing your hair is not an alternative. Up to a certain point it works quite well, but at some point long hair looks unkempt. Therefore, you should also visit the hairdresser from time to time during the growth phase. But your friends will remind you of that, I’m sure. You can find good instructions on how to grow your hair here. Of course, long hair also needs a little more care. It is best to air-dry as often as possible instead of blow-drying, which brings a lot. A suitable shampoo with appropriate care can certainly not hurt either.

Longhair Refresh Variants

Really long and smooth, it takes a little more courage. Less styling is more, natural shine from healthy hair is all it takes. A popular and iconic hairstyle for rock musicians, but this look is not every man’s or woman’s thing. This hairstyle is very often worn by men from the Gothic scene and you can also see this hairstyle with many nerds. That is why it tends to be negative in our society and completely wrongly.

Long hair in men can look well-groomed and stylish. More and more fashion labels are using male models with long hair, and brands from Scandinavia often show this look in conjunction with a beard. However, the hair should never be longer than the shoulders and there is a fine line between nice and nerd, so always ask the mirror critically or listen to the advice of friends.

With the smoother variant of long hairstyles, it is also possible to wear a parting. The side parting is recommended here and can be on the left or right.

The best advice is the hairdresser, because one side is often better than the other due to vortices or the like. After choosing a parting, the hair is simply worn long and straight. Maybe fix a bit, but otherwise this hairstyle is straightforward too.


Of course, you also have different styling options with long hair. You can loosely tie the hair on the back of the head and thus has the effect that the face is free and the long hair is more in the background of the appearance. You don’t achieve it quite as well if you put your hair behind your ear. Here, too, the focus is more on the face. With a hat or a headband you can change everyday life a bit or save your hairstyle if your hair doesn’t want to be the way you do.

So no matter what length you like best and what type you are, you can find a long hairstyle that suits you. There is a clear trend in this direction. The hairdresser you trust will be happy to advise you if you want to try something completely new.

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