Undercut Pompadour

Pompadour Haircuts For Men

The pompadour is having a large volume of hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, and sometimes upswept around the sides and back as well.

Despite the name, this hairstyle has nothing in common with the hairstyle of Madame de Pompadour, who wore her hair back rather than up, with no extra volume on the top. The name was coined in the 20th century.

There are many different hairstyle of pompadour.

Modern Pompadour

Credit: @el_barbero_italiano/ Instagram

The modern pompadour is a stylish variation of a cool classic style.

Undercut Pompadour

Credit: @sloan_styles/ Instagram

The undercut is a no-brainer to incorporate its aesthetic into the pompadour.

10 Best Most Popular Pompadour For Men

Pompadour Requirements

  • The sides should start with a buzz—around a #1-1/2 clipper setting—and taper upwards. For a more old-school rockabilly look, keep them a little longer, and don’t be afraid of some sideburn.
  • Hair on the top of the head should be long enough to lay flat when combed back, and have a lot of height when blown dry. For most guys, this means at least 4 inches of length.

How to get a Pompadour?

With relatively short sides and dramatic height up top, this hairstyle harkens back to the classic rockabilly looks of the ’50s—with updated proportions for today.

You can also watch the detailed text description: How to Cut a Pompadour

How to Style a Pompadour?

  • The first step is to towel dry your hair.
  • Next, blow dry your hair while combing it with a round brush.
  • Grab a decent size amount of pomade with your fingers, and warm it up in the palms of your hands.
  • Work the pomade through your hair with your fingers. Start with the sides then the top. The front portion of your hair will require the most hair product as you will need the added strength to hold up this hairstyle.
  • Comb your hair to get the product to the roots and create better hold.
  • Brush the front part of your hair up to spread the pomade through. With one hand holding the comb, brush the front of your hair up and into your free hand. Your free hand will act as a guide for your hair to fold over and to also serve as a limit to how high the front will go.
  • Finally, comb your hair up, and pat it down. Finish with hairspray for extra hold


  • Give the pompadour a modern touch by making the sides shorter or adding a fade.
  • Leave the sides and sideburns longer if you want a traditional, rockabilly look.
  • For a unique touch, use edgers or detailers to shave the deep side parts.

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