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49 Best Men’s Haircuts 2023 (Pick A New Look)

If you are looking for best mens haircuts 2023 that is right for you, it will be your go-to resource. Here is the best collection of haircuts and cool hairstyles.

We’ve very carefully selected all the latest hairstyles we’ve seen from the best examples of the best barber cuts and styles in the world. Scroll down to find a new look and simply show the photo to your barber. Super easy.

In detail, we discuss haircuts, the best men’s hair products to use, and how to style them. And, we show you the most popular types of men’s haircuts and all the different types of fades a barber can give you.

Top 49 Men’s Haircuts + Men’s Hairstyles

1. Textured Crop + Mid Skin Fade

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

Best mens haircuts 2023. The Crop has recently seen a huge rise in popularity, quickly becoming a modern classic. A Textured Crop is a versatile style that suits most face shapes and hair types.

2. Short Crop + Mid Skin Fade

Credit: @tuffthebarber/ Instagram

Here’s a short crop with a mid skin fade. Crops are simple to maintain & style every morning and are also great at camouflaging receding hairlines. 

3. High Skin Fade + Buzz Cut

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

Best mens haircuts 2023 .Short buzz cut with side high skin fade. However, a surgical line adds a special style. beards and buzz cut make for the perfect partnership

4. Quiff + Mid Skin Fade

Credit: @barberinspirations/ Instagram

The quiff has become a fashion staple for men, signalling a clean, modern look that you can easily put together at home.

5. Disconnected Undercut

Credit: @blumaan/ Instagram

An undercut is a trendy, versatile hairstyle that features long hair on the top and short, clipped hair on the sides and back. With the right tools and some product, you can easily style your undercut so it’s brushed up, slicked back, or brushed back as a pompadour.

6. Comb Over + Taper Fade

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

The comb over is a popular and versatile style, both for people with thinning hair and those with a good 2–6 in (5.1–15.2 cm) of hair on top. If you have a full head of hair and find its natural parting line, you can go with a neat or loose comb over. Or, if you are bald on top and don’t care much for the alternative hairstyle options, go ahead and embrace your bald comb over!

7.Curly Hair On Top

Credit: @4hairfocus/ Instagram

The wavy hair becomes easy to manage in this style, as most of it is clipped away from the sides and back. If you’re not into styling your hair, simply leaving your curls natural and messy can look fashionable due to the structure of the style.

8. Top Knot

Credit: @hairstylemens/ Instagram

The top knot consists of a smaller bun of hair formed not at the crown, but at the exact top of the head. And though you may think your man bun dreams can’t be accomplished, the top knot is an ideal look for those of us with a little short of a bob.

9. Man bun

Credit: @haarrevolutie.doortje/ Instagram

The mens bun is now fashionable and can no longer be found alone in the women’s domain. In addition to the regained full beard, man is now going all out with his head hair. The topknot can be traced back to antiquity, when women still attached it with pieces of jewelry such as hairpins or a comb. Best mens haircuts 2023.

10. Slick Back

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

Some men’s hairstyles come and go, only lasting a few years. These temporary styles die out after a fashion fad is over and don’t have the impact to survive the test of time. Others stay trendy for decades and remain a classic style that can’t be touched. Slicked back hair is exactly that.

11. Cornrow

Credit: @hairstylemens/ Instagram

Cornrows or canerows are a style of hair braiding in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to make a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often done in simple, straight lines, as the term implies, but they can also be styled in elaborate geometric or curvilinear designs.

12. Textured Quiff Meets Pompadour Haircut + Line Up

A totally cool haircut. Part mohawk, part quiff, part pompadour. It features a bald fade that places the emphasis on the wild loose hair on top. To get this look you need to use a blow dryer and a brush.

13. Cool Short Curly Haircut + Drop Fade

This is such a great summer haircut for men to get. Works with any hair type. Hair has been cut short on top. Features a drop fade down to the skin and cool looking disconnected beard.

14. Short Spiky Quiff Haircut + Beard

Best mens haircuts 2023 .Another great example of a quiff haircut. One of the most popular men’s haircuts we have seen the past couple years made popular by the likes of David Beckham. This one is on the shorter side. The textures give that spiky appearance on top. Use a medium to strong hold pomade to style the haircut into place.

15. Cool Short Haircut For Thick Hair + Bald Fade

A cool haircut for men that have thick hair. It is cut short on top, nice and fresh in front with a line up, and shows off a bald fade on the sides.

16. Crop Haircut + Medium Fade

This on trend crop haircut with a medium fade is a stylish and easy to wear option for guys with thick and wavy hair.

17. Pompadour Fade

A high fade is a flattering and clean cut addition to any hairstyle. It can also serve as a canvas for a simple or complex hair design.

18. Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade looks like a sun burst behind the ear. A pair of shaved lines add to the effect.

19. Short Haircut Combed Over + Undercut

mens haircuts 2023. The comb over hairstyle isn’t just for men with longer hair. In fact, all you need to pull off a comb over is a minimum of 3 inches of length. While most guys get a comb over fade, pictured above is a clean-cut example of a chic undercut comb over. This short sides, long top style with sharp edges is perfectly offset by a cool long fringe in the front. As one of the most popular haircuts for men to style, the look is easy and simple to get. Just apply some of your favorite matte pomade and brush your hair to one side.

20. Textured Crop Top Fade

The textured crop, also known as the French crop, is an awesome way to introduce some fringe into your style. In this photo, the textured style stands out even more with the addition of some blond highlights, and the edge up adds another layer of personality. Style this one by adding wax or pomade, then twisting sections of hair at the ends with your fingers.

21. Long Curly Hair Fade

This sexy and modern long hair curly fade is one of the best ways to embrace your natural curls simply and effortlessly. The length on top shows off the curls, especially if you choose a good styling cream, and the skin fade on the sides enhances the look.

22. Modern Messy Quiff

If you think of a quiff as a modern style that requires every hair in its proper place, think again. This messy quiff breaks every one of the rules to add some edge and personality to your style. It’s best for men who have thick and wavy or curly hair, and it’s super easy to style with a matte pomade or wax.

23. Buzz Cut Fade

mens haircuts 2023. Men who live no-nonsense lifestyles often go for very short hairstyles that require little to no effort on their part, and this cool buzz cut fade is a great choice. The perfect shape up makes the short style look striking, and the two lines on the sides as hair designs add some extra interest. Easy to get, simple to style and low-maintenance to keep, the buzz cut is a wash-and-go style that looks good on most any man.

24. Short Textured Haircut

If you want to keep your hair short, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. This textured short cut is easy to achieve and maintain with nothing more than a brush and some matte pomade. Just apply a tiny amount of pomade to your palms, work it through the top section of your hair, and then use a comb to brush hair forward and up.

25. Short Spiky Hair

This sexy style incorporates several of today’s trendiest modern cuts and meshes them together to create stunning textured spiky hair. The quiff-like flip in front, when paired with the spiky texture on top and the skin fade on the sides and back, makes it look far more high-maintenance than it really is.

26. Modern Blowout Haircut + Mid Fade

The term blowout refers to the use of a blow dryer, and while it may sound like a lot of trouble, the result is well worth it. This wavy look can be accomplished by using a pomade on damp hair, then blow drying it back from the top and sides. When your hair is almost dry, use a tad more pomade on the tips of your fingers to create a textured blowout hairstyle.

27. Textured Pomp + Shaved Line

A line extending back from the temple almost all the way to the back of the head transforms this classic and clean cut pomp fade into a fresh and bold style.

28. V-Shaped Neckline

We’ve been into the V-cut neckline for a while now and it just keeps getting more popular. The V can be worn at the natural hairline or up higher as part of a fade haircut.

29. Textured Crop + Disconnect

This cool disconnect style has a softer line than the previous look but has the same stepped effect. It’s a cool way to emphasize the heavy, spiky crop on top.

30. Step + Fade + Quiff

This crop haircut styled into a spiky quiff features a defined step before the fade.

31. Double Side Part Haircut

This disconnect is reinforced by a shaved line, which makes for two side parts and a pomp.

32. Short Crop Haircut for Men with Thick Hair

The crop is an excellent short hairstyle for guys with thick hair. The textured cut lightens up hair and requires minimal styling. Heavier versions of this cut are also an option.

33. Heavy Crop + Long Fringe

The combination of brow length bangs and a high fade create a cool arc at the side of the head.

34. Thick Spiky Hair mens haircuts 2023

These spiky hairstyles for men take texture to the next level. We’ve come a long way from gel-formed 90s spikes. One of the modern ways to get the look is these thick spikes that angle up.

35. Disconnected Men Bun

Credit: @barbarossabarbershop/ Instagram

If you like this type of cut, you can ask the barber to cut hair.

36. Undercut Pompadour

Credit: @depotmaletoolsindia/ Instagram

The main difference between an undercut and modern pompadour is the sides. As mentioned above, for a modern pompadour you typically want a faded / tapered look that blends into the top of your hair. However, for the undercut, you do not want a blend, you want a disconnect.

37. Claasic Quiff

Credit: @davidbeckham/ Instagram

This is Beckham’s classic hairstyle.

38. Back Of Disconnected Undercut

Credit: @Ambarberia/ Instagram

Here’s an undercut from the back. This version has a fade that drops down along with medium length hair but most disconnected undercuts are one length all around or have a fade that tapers hair straight down.

39. Spiky Quiff

Credit: @hairstylemens/ Instagram

The spiky hairstyles have maintained a top spot among trends throughout these years. From edgy to classy and everything in between, spiky hairstyles for men have it all.

40. CR7 Buzz Cut

Credit: @cristiano/ Instagram

We rarely see Cristiano with an extremely short haircut, cropped close to the scalp. But he still looks handsome.

41. Disconnected Undercut Quiff Hairstyle

Credit: @Andy Authentic/ Instagram

Guys are often looking for easy-to-wear haircuts that are appropriate for work as well as active lifestyles. Well, this is it. The sides couldn’t be cleaner while short hair is pulled up into a quiff.

42. High Skin_Fade + Slicked Back + Surgical Line

Credit: @jayr_fadez_/ Instagram

42. Mid Skin Fade + Curly Hair

Credit: @malafadesurrey/ Instagram

Sides kept short with a mid fade. and perfectly sculpted curls on top. If you have a thick hair, this will be a great look.

43. Temple Fade + Curly Hair

Credit: @barber_nhenry/ Instagram

The Temple Fade, also known as a Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out, is a hairstyle that gained popularity in the early 2000s. The hair is tapered from the scalp to 1 cm (0.4 in) in length from the edge of the hairline up 2 cm (0.8 in). The rest of the hair is left the same length, usually 2–5 cm (0.8–2.0 in), depending on the preference of the client.

44. Mohawk Fade + Textured

Credit: @jakeyjim/ Instagram

This is a great cool haircut with textured mohawk.

45. Undercut + Long Hair

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

For those who want to express their hairstyles with hairstyles, long hair undercuts provide this. The combination of the short side and the unfettered long hair at the top makes the eye-catching juxtaposition.

46. Long Hairstyles + Wavy Hair

Credit: @longhairstylemen/ Instagram

If you want this hairstyle, your hair should be long enough. You should taking everyday care of long hair. For instance, shampoo 2-3 times a week,invest in high-quality grooming materials and avoid blow drying your hair.

47. Drop Fade Pompadour

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

This hairstyle is suitable for summer with drop fade. It also need to taper fade and use pomade to manage.

48. Curls Hair On Top

Credit: @hairstylemens/ Instagram

A curls hair on top with side low skin fade. If you want to get it, you need to ask a barber to do this hairstyle.

49. Messy + Spiky Disconnected Undercut

Credit: @Men’s World Herenkappers/ Instagram

This messy meets spiky look is on trend. It’s even easier to style with second-day hair.

Men Men's hairstyles

How to Ask For a Fade Haircut

Fade haircut is the part of haircut where the hair is short enough that skin is visible through the hair. This length may vary slightly depending on the density and color of the hair.

Wonder how to choose a fade haircut? Please read our guides by step.

1. Discovering Different Fades

Before you get a fade haircut, you should discovering different fades. Please read our other article (Fade Haircuts For Man) detailing different types of fades. After all, you can ask a barber to cut.

Related: 49+ Best Men’s Fade Haircuts

2. Talk to your barber

Explain your personal style. Firstly, ask the barber to explain the sort of look you are going for. With different types of fades that you want to get. For instance, high ,mid or low fade. After the barber know your personality and what aesthetic you want. Then you can get the haircut that you like.

  • You can tell your profession and let the barber help you find a professional hairstyle.
  • You can say “I am a teacher, I want a simple and capable hairstyle. Do you have any ideas?”.

Bring a picture to barber. Take a look at the people in the media to find out what type of fade cut you like the most. To visit pinterest get more photoes. There are a few suggestions to help you find the haircut what you suit.

  • Chose a picture of someone with a similar facial structure as yours for the best result.
  • If you’re not sure about your hair’s texture, bring in multiple photos of different people with the same haircut.
  • Search online for different celebrities.

Determine the length of the hair. If you know the number for the buzzer or clippers, then tell your barber. Otherwise, just explain how short you want your hair to be on the sides, back, and top.

There are a few tips:
  • Short fade: 1 or 2 sized clippers.
  • A bit longer,: 4 or 5 sized clippers.
  • It’s also a good idea to talk to the barber about the length you want.

Talk about fade in detail. You should tell the barber what you want type of fade. Every type of fade show different look. The barber will give their opinion about how they think it will look on you. You’d better to brought a picture, tell them about any deviations from the style that you’re showing them so that they know exactly how you want your hair cut. Or what you need to say:

  • Taper the bottom almost down to skin.
  • Keep some weight or length on the sides.
  • Keep the top long, textured, and blended into the sides and back.

3. Start to fade cut

Consider the color of your scalp. If the color of the scalp is very different from the color of the neck and face, some fades may be bad for you. High and low fade effects are best for people with the same skin tone. If the scalp color is different from the face color, please consider using traditional fade or scissor fade.

Understand your hair. Thick, dense hair is the best hair for a fade cut. If you have straight or thin hair, it may be more difficult to get a good look. If you don’t have the optimal hair for a fade cut, you should gravitate towards a scissor or a temple fade as they will suit different types of hair.

Consider head shape. The higher your fade, the more your head will be the focus. Determine if you like the shape of your head and choose a fade cut that you like. If you don’t like the shape of your head then try a traditional fade cut or you can leave your hair a little longer. If you like the shape of your head, try a fade cut that shows more of your head shape.

Finally, if you want to individualize your style with detailing options. You can add shaved designs or hairline shaping. Then, you should ask your barber if they are able to do the detailing you want.

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Men Men's hairstyles

49+ Best Men’s Fade Haircuts In 2022

Fade haircut is definitely in style for men today. It’s fairly easy to maintain, and tends to look pretty good.

The end of the fade is typically going to be 0, which is skin. So you may start with like a 2, then move to like a 1.5, then a 1, and a 0.5. This will give you that nice seamless fade.

The best way to ensure an even fade is to work carefully and slowly. Depending on the hair and your level of experience, cutting a fade can take anywhere from half an hour to several hours.

Depending on the hair and personal style, fades can be high and trimmed or start lower and blend into the neckline.You can also see our details.


  • For an even and well-maintained fade, plan on trimming the cut every 4-6 weeks.
  • If the person has a cowlick that would make it difficult to fade at a certain point on the head, start the fade just above or below it.
  • Consult the person whose hair you’re cutting as you work to make sure they’re satisfied with the length and overall style.


Because fades are a complicated cut, avoid cutting your own hair unless you have hairstyling experience. Cut another person’s hair or have someone cut your hair so the person cutting can see the entire head and blend the cut evenly.

If you’re looking for the latest hairstyles,please watch our complete guide.

1.High Skin_Fade + Slicked Back + Surgical Line

Credit: @jayr_fadez_/ Instagram

2.Taper_Fade + Curls Hair

fadeCredit: @johnnymen_official/ Instagram

3.Burst_Fade + Undercut Pompadour

Credit: Instagram

4.Mid_Fade + Buzz Cut

Credit: @daviii.barber/ Instagram

5.Low Skin_Fade + Comb Over

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

6.Mid Skin_Fade + Curls Hair

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

7.Mid Skin_Fade + Long Fringe

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

8.High Skin_Fade + Buzz Cut

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

9.High Skin_Fade + Undercut Quiff

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

10.MID Skin_Fade + French Crop

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

11.Drop_Fade + Slicked Back + Texture

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

12.Low Skin_Fade + Curls Hair

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

13.Drop_Fade + Swept Side Part

Credit: @hairmenstyles/ Instagram

14.Burst_Fade + Quiff + Beard

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

15.High Skin_Fade + Slicked Back

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

16.High Skin_Fade + Undercut +Quiff

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

17.Mid Skin_Fade + Top Knot

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

18.Burst_Fade + Pompadour

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

20.Taper_Fade + Top Knot

Credit: @haircutsforboys/ Instagram

21.Mid Skin_Fade +Short Quiff

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

22.High Skin_Fade + Texture On Top

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

23.Mid Skin_Fade + Side Part

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

24.Drop_Fade + Slicked Back

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram

25.High Skin_Fade + Surgical Line + Long Fringe

Credit: @menshairs/ Instagram
Men Men's hairstyles

Fade Haircuts For Man

Fade haircuts have been a popular addition to men’s haircuts for years. Therefore , I think the trend will not go away any time soon.

The haircut is called a fade because your hair is tapered on the back and side of your hair and blends with your skin. Whether you want a low, mid, high, taper, bald or skin fade haircut, faded hairstyles have something to offer every guy, including White, Black, Latino, and Asian men.

Before you get a fade haircuts, you should discovering different fades. In addition to the traditional fades, there are other specialty fades that exist. Check out these fades list below to find a new hairstyle for you.

#Skin fade

The skin fade haircuts, also known as a zero fade and bald fade. It’s a type of haircut that tapers on the sides and back, blending short faded hair into the skin. Generally, the haircut starts with longer hair on top of the head, and then gradually becomes shorter down the sides and back, towards the neck

#High fade

The high fade haircuts can complement all the best men’s hairstyles! A high fade is when the hair is gradually cut from the base of your head up above your temples, which is where your head starts to curve. In addition, some guys prefer their high fade to be cut down to the skin for a high bald fade. And then some guys more like a high taper fade or else types of fades. With so many different types of fades to choose from, you can get a versatile and cool hairstyle.

#Mid fade

A high fade is when the hair is gradually cut from the base of your head up near your temples, which s a balance between the low and high fade. Like other fades, come in a variety of styles and looks. The most guys choose mid fade haircuts because it doesn’t add any width at the sides. A men with round face is more suitable for this hairstyle and work well for thick hair, curly hair, and black hair.

#Low fade

A low fade is when the fade line is lower than a traditional fade and begins about 1 inch (2.5 cm) or so above the hairline. In other words, starting from the lower part, the hair fades upwards into longer hair above.Because low fades are versatile, they can be added to any men’s hairstyle – short, long, curly or straight. In conclusion, the low fade works well with a number of different stylish men’s hairstyles.

#Taper fade

The hair on the sides and back is cut with a coarse clipper blade from the lower edge of hair growth to or nearly full up to the crown. The clipper is gradually arced out of the hair at the hat band to achieve a taper. A fine clipper is used from the sideburn to about an inch above the ear. Clipper lines are blended out so there is a seamless transition between lengths.

#Temple fade

The Temple Fade, also known as a Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out, is a hairstyle that gained popularity in the early 2000s. The hair is tapered from the scalp to 1 cm (0.4 in) in length from the edge of the hairline up 2 cm (0.8 in). The rest of the hair is left the same length, usually 2–5 cm (0.8–2.0 in), depending on the preference of the client.

#Bald fade

Also known as a skin fade, the bald fade tapers hair to expose the skin. Like other fades, the skin fade can be low, medium or high. Fades can also be straight, drop down, burst behind the ear, or taper the sideburns and neckline. Bald fades can also be added to any hairstyle, from short to long and straight to curly. As you’ll see, this fresh cut is for everybody.

#Burst fade

The burst fade took is a popular fade haircut in recent years. The burst fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving hair longer at the neck. The shape is rounded, like a sun is rising behind the ear.

#Drop fade

The drop fade haircut gets its name because the fade drops low behind the ear and down to the nape of the neck. Men can choose between the high, mid, and low drop fade depending on how short they want to cut their hair on the sides and back.

How To Get A Skin Fade

Step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the “picture perfect blend” or “photoshop fade” in under 30 minutes.

Here is a detailed text description: How to Cut a Fade Haircut

How to Choose a Fade Haircut

How To Style?

Style the top with a hair styling product. Clay, wax, gel, and pomade all work well with faded hair. Work a small amount of styling product into the top, brushing or combing it as you do so to give it a clean, neat look.

Trim the fade every 4 to 6 weeks, as regular maintenance. To maintain the same hair length and fade, re-trim the cut approximately once every 4 to 6 weeks. Although fades grow out evenly, their style can change significantly as they grow out and require routine trims


Because fades are a complicated cut, avoid cutting your own hair unless you have hairstyling experience. Cut another person’s hair or have someone cut your hair so the person cutting can see the entire head and blend the cut evenly.


The fade is an absolute trend hairstyle that has now arrived in the mainstream. It is very similar to the undercut but still changes it a lot so that you can easily switch between these hairstyles. Here is an overview of the best men’s hairstyles. If you liked the article, leave a like. If you have any questions, just write a comment. We will reply promptly.

If you still have questions, you can visit here.

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