The Undercut Haircuts For Men

The undercut haircuts is a hairstyle that was fashionable at all time. the hair on the top of the head is long and parted on either the side or center, while the back and sides are buzzed very short.

Because of the varying degrees in which the top of an Undercut can be styled, an Undercut is in fact an umbrella hairstyle term for the aforementioned bowl cut plus any of the 5 male hairstyles for the top:

#Side part Undercut Haircuts

For a refined look, you can’t go wrong by combining two of the most popular contemporary hairstyles: the side part and the undercut.

The side part undercut is a classy hairstyle for men that combines classic and modern styles. If you want to tailor the side part undercut haircut to your personal look, consider adding a shaved hard part, growing a beard, and boosting the style with volume instead of flat.

#Messy top Undercut Haircuts

You can’t beat a fresh new haircut that has a messy hairstyle. For guys and girls alike, an undercut hairstyle for men with a messy top is irresistible. In addition, it cuts back on the time you would have spent trying to perfectly style your hair in place.

#Quiff Undercut Haircuts

The quiff undercut is another hybrid quiff hairstyle. It looks like a modern quiff on top, but the sides are completely shaved down, giving it an alternative edge. Perfect for the modern hipster.

#Slicked back Undercut Haircuts

The slicked back undercut is a beautiful hairstyle that looks great when paired with a suit. Instead of the voluminous, wavy hair of the classic undercut, it involves hair being combed straight back. In terms of height and texture, the choice is up to you.

#Man bun Undercut

The hair being at least 6 inches while having an undercut. The man bun requires a longer hair all over your head, at least 12 inches on the TOP and 6 inches on the sides and back. Usually guys who have beards looks best with the top knot and man bun if not he may look too feminine.

Undercut Requirements

  • Up top, you want a horseshoe-shaped section of longer hair, between 4 and 6 inches, starting at the corners of the front of the hairline and going back to the center of your cowlick.
  • If you plan on parting the undercut, have the hair cut slightly longer on the side you’ll be parting from. For example, if you push your hair to the left, the hair at the part on the righthand side should be longer to help everything lay flat.
  • The sides should be buzzed down to about 1/8 inch (a #1 buzzer).
  • If you want a disconnected undercut, there should be a blunt demarcation between the sides and the top. If you prefer a connected undercut, have the barber transition the hair in between.

How to Style the Undercut

Please enjoy this men’s undercut haircut step by step tutorial. In this men’s undercut tutorial video I break down everything from how to section and using clippers. In conclusion, this is a very in depth tutorial as I have gotten many requests for it. I suggest watching the whole video step by step

18 Best Undercut Haircut For Men


  • If you’re not sure where to end the undercut, use the ridge on the back of your skull as an endpoint.
  • Your natural hairline at the bottom of your hair in the back may not even. If you want to clean the line up, the clippers are usually too large to the job. Instead, opt for a trimmer, which is a smaller clipper, to cut a straight line at the bottom of your undercut.
  • If you’re worried about messing up your undercut, ask a friend for help or visit a salon or barbershop.

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