Shampooing And Conditioning

Don’t Shampooing And Conditioning Every Day

Our Barbers questions all the time about shampooing and conditioning, and if it’s a good idea to do it daily. Our answer, No.

Your scalp is not a stainless steel kitchen sink, so don’t scrub it every day with heavy detergents!

Your scalp produces an oily substance called sebum that has many roles but it mainly protects your hair from microbes and the elements. When you use a strong shampoo daily, you wipe out your scalp’s natural protection, its first line of defense.

In response, your scalp activates the sebaceous glands to replenish the desert wasteland that was your scalp. This causes excess oil buildup which leads to you washing your hair more frequently and the cycle continues.

My suggestion is to switch to a natural shampoo that is much kinder to your hair than generic, store-bought shampoos. Wash your hair every 2nd-4th day and always condition afterward. You may notice your scalp remains in over-production mode for a couple of weeks but stick with it and it will balance out.

If you shower daily, it’s okay to rinse your hair and even use conditioner on those no-shampoo days.

And if you decide to stick with washing you hair daily, use a natural shampoo and conditioner that will be more kind to your scalp!

Thanks visite our guide for shampooing and conditioning.

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