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5 Hairstyles You Could Do In The Car

OKAY LADIES. You know who you are… (I’ll raise my hand hard for this one.) You’re never not late. You’re mad because you left too late to even stop and pick up coffee. Most likely you’ll spill your purse on the way to the car making you even MORE late. But you’ve gotta show up looking put together because even though you’re never on time, you’re still professional AF. You are my tribe. Cool hairstyles.

I mean, I could honestly leave an hour early to be somewhere 15 minutes away and something would happen to make me late. For us, I came up with a list of 5 hairstyles looks you could do in your car (when at a full and complete stop, of course!) to pull it together and make it look like you had nothing but time.



HOW TO: Spray all over with texture spray. Put your hair in a ponytail. Take a small thin section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base. Pin it. Spray a little more and scrunch the pony to mess it up a little. As you can see– messy is the POINT! Throw on a lip pop and a tiny bit of mascara to make it all look cohesive.



FACT: I did this on wet hair. Lucy’s hair was damp when I braided it here so if you need a wet style, this is your winner!

On damp hair with a middle part, create two dutch/inside-out braids, one on each side. Tie those off with small elastics. Tuck the tails of the braids into each other (as if you were going to tie them in a knot), then pin them in place. Now take your texture powder and sprinkle a little bit on the damp braids. Start pulling them apart. Head into the office or school and pull them just a little more an hour later. You get this gorgeous texture from the hair air drying in the braid. It’s like a glowing halo of romantic frizz. Guess frizz CAN be good when controlled by a braid!



Remember this look? I got this ponytail holder from H&M. If you can’t find this one, look HERE and HERE and HERE!

Ponytail that gorgeous mane of yours and slap on an accessory. To make it look extra polished, part in the middle and use some shine enhancing hairspray to smooth it down. Add a little spray to the ponytail as well and jooj it!



Get it right, get it tight. A sleek bun is the poster child for looking like you have your sh*t together. I found an easy way to master that look. Apply coconut oil gel all over and smooth through with a travel size smoothing brush (or fine tooth comb if you don’t have a small brush in your purse). Make a tight ponytail using one elastic. Twist the entirety of your hair all the way to the ends. Tie it off with the other small elastic without letting go. Once the elastic is on, coil the bun. Use large bobby pins to secure. The elastics you added will create an anchor for the pins. SHINY AND CHIIIIIIC.



I’ll be honest, this was my favorite look when I was in grade school before I knew how to style hair and it’s STILL a quick favorite because it requires practically zero effort. Grab the section you’re going to clip up. I go from behind the ears (maybe leave a little out near the ears if you feel you want that softer look) and gather all the hair in the spot where you want the clip to sit. Before adding the clip, twist the hair/flip it over. It gives it a much cooler look. You may need to add a bobbypin to keep your hair from flipping back if your hair is super thick or coarse!

Sample hairstyles!

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Layered Hair Is An Approval To More Naturality
Hairstyles Women

Layered Hair Is An Approval To More Naturality

Precise haircuts, such as the blunt cut on bob, medium-length or long hair. These have recently been the most coveted hairstyle trend. When it comes to stars like models Irina Shayk or Bella Hadid and the hairstylists of the major fashion labels. This tendency is now turning. The beauty industry is reacting to the return to more naturalness and simple looks that shape our zeitgeist. Due to this change, layered hair is enjoying increasing popularity. What makes the hair trend and how to integrate it into the individual hairstyling, see below


The hairstyle trend of layered hair is a relatively broad term and does not mean a specific haircut, but rather a technique for styling and shortening hair. As the English name suggests, the hair for Layered Hair is given several layers, which creates more dynamism and volume in the entire hairstyle.

What makes the hairstyle trend particularly attractive is that it can be used on almost any hair length and hairstyle – from shaved hair and pixie cut to medium-length hair in bob, shag or long bob to shoulder-length hair. Because the haircut can be tailored to the individual hair type, it is also suitable for any structure and normal, thick and fine hair.



Layered hair can be used effectively if you have naturally fine hair or if your hair has become visibly thinner due to hair loss. The fine layers that are set in the hair lengths in the hairstyle trend create more volume and this in turn simulates more fullness of the hair. So perfect for fine hair or those that quickly hang flat and limp on the head.

Tip: By using special hair products such as volume foam, mousse or texturizing sprays. When styling layered hair, you can give your hair even more bounce. It can also help if you dry your hair while blow-drying with the help of a round brush, rotating hot air brush or overhead.


In theory, many people think that curls curl themselves healthily and bounce voluminously. Unfortunately, this is only partially true – incorrect hair care and styling products, dryness of the hair and split ends or other factors such as excessive combing and the frequent use of heat tools can affect naturally wavy and curly hair. Here, too, layered hair proves to be the perfect hairstyle trend, which, thanks to its characteristic layers, gives the curls more bounce and bounce. Layered hair looks particularly beautiful in the form of a rocky shag, as seen in Michael Kors Fall / Winter 2020/21 and in combination with a curly fringe, which is also one of the big trend hairstyles of the season.

Foto: Imaxtree
Moncler Herbst/Winter 2020/21


Are you fed up with running to the hairdresser every few weeks to have your hair done up. And do you even want an easy-care hairstyle that is quickly brought into shape in the morning? Even then, layered hair could be the right hairstyle trend for your needs. Because of the gentle layers in the lengths, which are hardly noticeable from the outside. These can also be treated a little more carelessly and only need to be refreshed every now and then by a professional.

When it comes to hairstyling, layered hair is flexible and can do almost anything. From super-sleek looks like the autumn / winter show 2020/21 by Gabriela Hearst to wild undone styling.

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Why shouldn’t you wash hair with overheated water

When washing your face, your facial skin can sense the temperature with overheated water. However, hair does not have this perception and the water temperature penetrating the scalp is no longer accurate. So, be sure to test the water temperature by hand before you wash your hair.

Overheated water can cause the following damage to hair and scalp:

Photo by Armin Rimoldi from Pexels

(1) When you clean up, will also wash the hair of the lipid inside and amino acid loss.

(2) the water temperature is too hot, accelerate the hair expansion, promote hair salt bond fracture.

(3) The best temperature for enzyme activity is body temperature (skin temperature). Overheating will cause changes in enzyme activity in hair follicles related to hair growth. After that, it can also destroy the metabolic environment in the microenvironment of the scalp hair follicle. Finally it cause abnormal hair growth.

(4) It will cause excessive loss of scalp oil and damage the scalp barrier.

(5) The microorganisms on the scalp also have certain requirements on the temperature. Overheating may cause the activity of certain flora to decrease or die, and the scalp microecology is destroyed. At the same time, overheating will also cause the adhesion of the flora to the scalp to decrease and the flora to fall off.

(6) It will not only damage the hair, but also damage the scalp. If this happens, it will cause dryness, split ends, damage to the scalp barrier, and itching of the scalp..

In conclusion, there is no uniform standard for what temperature is appropriate. When you wash your hair with overheated water, your scalp will feel hot and your first reaction is to avoid it. It must be that the water is too hot. Let the body feel comfortable temperature, generally around 40℃, of course, everyone has their own feelings and habits.

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How To Protect Hair In Outdoor Activities

Before going out to travel or engage in outdoor activities. People often apply sunscreen products to their faces or limbs to prevent tanning and sunburn. But they often ignore their hair! So we should protect hair.

Ultraviolet rays not only cause damage to the skin, but can also cause damage to the hair, and this damage is cumulative.

Scientists have developed similar products like sunscreen and skin care products. These can reduce the damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

There are two hair products that contain sunscreen. For example, chemical sunscreens and physical sunscreens.

Photo by Alexander Stemplewski from Pexels

So what are they?

Hairdressing products are added with chemical sunscreens. Which has an affinity for hair, making it adsorb on the surface of the hair, without affecting the luster of the hair. When combined with sunscreen, you can improve the effect of sun protection. There are UV Protectant Hair Ingredients. For example, DBM,Octylmethoxycinnamate, and so on.

Added physical sunscreen, mainly considering the size of sunscreen and the ability to adhere to the hair, zinc dioxide dispersion can be separated with very small particles, so that zinc ion better diffusion in sunscreen products, not only has a comprehensive anti-UVA, UVB function, and easy to add to hair products.

Hair sunscreen products refer to hair creams, gels, hair oils, sprays and other hairdressing and styling products with sunscreen functions. You can choose sunscreen hairdressing products that suit you according to your hair quality.

Of course, choosing fashionable umbrellas and sun hats to go out is also a wise choice, which has better hair sun protection effect. Yeah, you got to protect your hair!

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How To Read The Shampoo Ingredient Labels

For ordinary consumers, it is difficult to make purchasing decisions based on brand promotion or shopping guide introduction when purchasing products. So, how to buy? Learn to look at the shampoo ingredient labels and analyze the main ingredients according to product attributes.

The main ingredient in the shampoo is the surfactant that cleans the oil. The nature of the surfactant in the shampoo determines the mildness and safety of the shampoo. Some scholars have made the following classification according to the group of surfactants, which may make the purchase easier.

1. Relatively mild surfactant

① Surfactant of acetic acid group: LAURETH-3-Sodium acetate, Chlorhexidine diacetate, etc. This type of shampoo is characterized by rich foam, but poor decontamination and cleansing power. Because it is weakly acidic, it has less irritation to the scalp, and can interact with the electric charge on the hair to keep the hair smooth, flat and not rough.

② Surfactants for amino acid group: sodium hydrogen N-(1-oxododecyl)-L-glutamate, SodiumDodecyl Sulphate, etc. This type of shampoo is naturally weakly acidic and has a slightly lower detergency, but because the hair and scalp are also weakly acidic, it is less irritating and has a strong moisturizing ability.

③ Betaine series: Sodium Cocoyl Glutaminate, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, etc. These ingredients come from beets, which are less irritating than amino acid shampoos and have better moisturizing effects. They are suitable for people with sensitive skin and are also beneficial to repair damaged hair.

④ Surfactant of APG: such as dodecyl polyglucoside . The main component of this shampoo comes from glucose, which has a slightly weaker detergency, but it is less irritating, safe, and rich in foam. It is usually mixed with amino acids to enhance the decontamination effect without reducing safety.

In order to repair the hair, add protein, such as hydrolyzed collagen, milk and so on. This type of shampoo mainly contains protein components such as milk and collagen. The foam is less and the price is the most expensive, but it nourishes the hair very well and has a repairing effect on protein-damaged hair.

2. Surfactant with strong cleaning power

① Surfactant of sulfuric acid group: sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS), etc. The production cost of this ingredient is low and it is usually used in cheap shampoos. This kind of shampoo is very powerful in decontamination and cleansing, but at the same time it may also wash away essential oils that are beneficial to the health of the scalp and hair.

② Alkaline surfactants: Sodium Fatty Acid,Sodium hydroxide, etc. The advantages of this type of shampoo are its strong decontamination and cleaning power and superior biodegradability. So it is more environmentally friendly. However, because it is alkaline, it is easy to dry the scalp and hair, and its excessive detergency can easily wash away the necessary sebum.

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Do I Have To Wash My Oily Hair

It is normal for hair to be oily. If the hair does not appear “greasy and shiny”, it is not necessary to wash off the oil.

Feeling oil on the hair means that the surface of the hair is covered with a sebum film, just like the sebum film protects the skin, it can make our hair more moisturized and elastic. It is actually a natural hair conditioner. If you feel oil on your hair, it is unscientific to wash it off.

Photo by Armin Rimoldi from Pexels

Frequent shampooing will lose the protection of the sebum film on the scalp surface and promote the damage to the hair caused by the sun and air pollution.

Of course, if the hair is really oily and has a certain sour smell, then you must wash your hair, otherwise it will damage the scalp and hair.

The frequency of shampooing should also depend on individual hair quality. Generally, people with oily skin and oily hair should wash it every 2 to 3 days; people with normal skin can wash it every 3 days; for people with dry skin The time can be longer.

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Will Frequent Change Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

Change shampoo frequently can cause hair loss, and there is no scientific reason.

Hair type, like skin type, is not static. Dry hair, neutral hair, and oily hair may have corresponding changes with age, seasonal changes, and changes in women’s menstrual cycles. Hair quality will also change. Outdoor activities and proper care after perming and dyeing will affect hair quality.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Therefore, change shampoo frequently is a very reasonable beauty behavior. For example, people with oily hair use alkaline shampoo and they always feel very refreshing. But recently discovered that the scalp feels tight after washing and the hair has become dull, indicating that the hair has quietly changed. And continuing to use alkaline shampoo has been If it is not suitable. You should switch to a mild shampoo with moderate cleaning power. As for changing from alkaline shampoo to neutral or acidic shampoo, will it cause scalp maladjustment? Don’t worry, the scalp, like the skin, has its own acidity and alkalinity. Which can buffer it so as not to cause excessive irritation or hair loss.

Some people say that two or three types of shampoo should be used in turn at home, but this is actually a wrong behavior. Different types of shampoos have different cleaning powers, and not every one is suitable for you.

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Why Do Some Shampoos Cause Scalp Itching

Scalp itching indicates that the physiological skin barrier of the scalp is destroyed, and the scalp produces inflammatory cytokines, which leads to itching of the scalp.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Why Do Some Shampoos Cause Scalp Itching?

① I didn’t choose shampoo according to my hair type. I chose strong shampoo for dry hair, and shampoo with weaker detergency for oily hair. The shampoo selected for dry hair has too strong cleaning power, which takes away too much oil on the scalp, resulting in damage to the skin barrier; for oily hair, choose a shampoo with weak cleaning power, which has insufficient cleaning power, and residual dirt irritates the scalp and destroys the skin barrier .

② When the skin barrier of the scalp is damaged, the ingredients in the shampoo enter the scalp. Such as preservatives, fragrances, etc. which stimulate the scalp to produce inflammatory cytokines, causing irritation or allergic reactions.

③ Use poor-quality shampoo, which does not contain conditioners that protect the scalp.

④ Use functional shampoos incorrectly, such as anti-dandruff shampoos, dyeing shampoos, etc.

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Top Hare Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

Many people’s hair is dry, yellow, split or broken. It is caused by environmental factors and improper care. In the final analysis, it is the result of damage to the scalp. So hair care tips are universal.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Maintenance method:

  • Protect your scalp and try to avoid damage caused by external forces.
  • Formulate hair and scalp cleaning and care plans to prevent hair and scalp dirt from damaging the hair and scalp.
  • “Fertilize” frequently to provide adequate nutrition. For example, choose some shampoo and hairdressing products that are rich in vitamin B lotion essence or ginseng essence. These beneficial elements can penetrate into the hair follicles of the scalp in small amounts to protect the hair.
  • Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb or massage your scalp with your fingers to stimulate the scalp and speed up blood circulation.
  • Treat your hair with diet therapy, eat more walnuts, black sesame seeds, soy products, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. These foods can regulate human body functions and nourish scalp hair follicle cells.
  • Color your hair reasonably and perm, and avoid excessive. For the health of scalp and hair, do not dye your hair more than once in six months.
  • For those with thin hair, pay attention to sun protection on the scalp when going out, such as using parasols and sunscreen conditioners.
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What To Do If Hair Loss Is Increasing

The incidence of hair loss is 20% to 30%. From a physiological point of view, normal people generally lose 50 to 80 hairs a day. If more than 100 hairs are lost, control should be started.

When you take a bath or wash your hair, you find that the number of shed hair increases. You must pay attention to whether it is shedding from the scalp or breaking the hair. If it falls off from the scalp, the hair on the scalp will gradually decrease after a period of time. It is necessary to consult a doctor to find out the cause of the hair loss.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

The causes and prevention methods of hair loss are as follows:

  • Androgen hair loss-take medicine and topical medicine under the guidance of a doctor.
  • By seborrheic dermatitis-use alkaline, oil control shampoo.
  • Find the reasons from the lifestyle, such as work stress, fatigue, irregular life, etc. For this reason, it generally requires maintenance.

Maintenance method:

  • Determine the cause of hair loss clinically and treat symptomatically.
  • Avoid spicy food, too salty and too sweet foods can cause or aggravate hair loss and should be restricted.
  • To maintain the PH balance of the scalp, you should choose a high-quality shampoo that suits you. Formulate a shampoo plan: the temperature of the shampoo is 37℃; the amount of shampoo used is 2-6ml; the shampoo foam should stay on the hair for more than half a minute and rub it for more than 20 times; wash the hair with water for at least half a minute and repeat 1. Second, make sure that there is no shampoo fragrance remaining from the roots to the tips; finally, use a dry towel to dry the moisture on the hair and let it dry naturally. It is best not to use a hair dryer.
  • Avoid environments that are prone to hair loss, such as places with serious pollution and strong sunlight.
  • Insist on head massage to promote blood circulation in the scalp, once a night for 5-10 minutes.
  • Tension and anxiety also have a certain effect on hair loss, so psychological pressure must be resolved in time.