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  • 5 Hairstyles You Could Do In The Car

    5 Hairstyles You Could Do In The Car

    OKAY LADIES. You know who you are… (I’ll raise my hand hard for this one.) You’re never not late. You’re mad because you left too late to even stop and pick up coffee. Most likely you’ll spill your purse on the way to the car making you even MORE late. But you’ve gotta show up […]

  • Layered Hair Is An Approval To More Naturality

    Precise haircuts, such as the blunt cut on bob, medium-length or long hair. These have recently been the most coveted hairstyle trend. When it comes to stars like models Irina Shayk or Bella Hadid and the hairstylists of the major fashion labels. This tendency is now turning. The beauty industry is reacting to the return […]

  • Why shouldn’t you wash hair with overheated water

    When washing your face, your facial skin can sense the temperature with overheated water. However, hair does not have this perception and the water temperature penetrating the scalp is no longer accurate. So, be sure to test the water temperature by hand before you wash your hair. Overheated water can cause the following damage to […]

  • How To Protect Hair In Outdoor Activities

    Before going out to travel or engage in outdoor activities. People often apply sunscreen products to their faces or limbs to prevent tanning and sunburn. But they often ignore their hair! So we should protect hair. Ultraviolet rays not only cause damage to the skin, but can also cause damage to the hair, and this […]

  • How To Read The Shampoo Ingredient Labels

    For ordinary consumers, it is difficult to make purchasing decisions based on brand promotion or shopping guide introduction when purchasing products. So, how to buy? Learn to look at the shampoo ingredient labels and analyze the main ingredients according to product attributes. The main ingredient in the shampoo is the surfactant that cleans the oil. […]

  • Do I Have To Wash My Oily Hair

    It is normal for hair to be oily. If the hair does not appear “greasy and shiny”, it is not necessary to wash off the oil. Feeling oil on the hair means that the surface of the hair is covered with a sebum film, just like the sebum film protects the skin, it can make […]

  • Will Frequent Change Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

    Change shampoo frequently can cause hair loss, and there is no scientific reason. Hair type, like skin type, is not static. Dry hair, neutral hair, and oily hair may have corresponding changes with age, seasonal changes, and changes in women’s menstrual cycles. Hair quality will also change. Outdoor activities and proper care after perming and […]

  • Why Do Some Shampoos Cause Scalp Itching

    Scalp itching indicates that the physiological skin barrier of the scalp is destroyed, and the scalp produces inflammatory cytokines, which leads to itching of the scalp. Why Do Some Shampoos Cause Scalp Itching? ① I didn’t choose shampoo according to my hair type. I chose strong shampoo for dry hair, and shampoo with weaker detergency […]

  • Top Hare Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

    Many people’s hair is dry, yellow, split or broken. It is caused by environmental factors and improper care. In the final analysis, it is the result of damage to the scalp. So hair care tips are universal. Maintenance method: Protect your scalp and try to avoid damage caused by external forces. Formulate hair and scalp […]

  • What To Do If Hair Loss Is Increasing

    The incidence of hair loss is 20% to 30%. From a physiological point of view, normal people generally lose 50 to 80 hairs a day. If more than 100 hairs are lost, control should be started. When you take a bath or wash your hair, you find that the number of shed hair increases. You […]