Will Frequent Change Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

Will Frequent Change Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

Change shampoo frequently can cause hair loss, and there is no scientific reason.

Hair type, like skin type, is not static. Dry hair, neutral hair, and oily hair may have corresponding changes with age, seasonal changes, and changes in women’s menstrual cycles. Hair quality will also change. Outdoor activities and proper care after perming and dyeing will affect hair quality.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Therefore, change shampoo frequently is a very reasonable beauty behavior. For example, people with oily hair use alkaline shampoo and they always feel very refreshing. But recently discovered that the scalp feels tight after washing and the hair has become dull, indicating that the hair has quietly changed. And continuing to use alkaline shampoo has been If it is not suitable. You should switch to a mild shampoo with moderate cleaning power. As for changing from alkaline shampoo to neutral or acidic shampoo, will it cause scalp maladjustment? Don’t worry, the scalp, like the skin, has its own acidity and alkalinity. Which can buffer it so as not to cause excessive irritation or hair loss.

Some people say that two or three types of shampoo should be used in turn at home, but this is actually a wrong behavior. Different types of shampoos have different cleaning powers, and not every one is suitable for you.