Layered Hair Is An Approval To More Naturality

Layered Hair Is An Approval To More Naturality

Precise haircuts, such as the blunt cut on bob, medium-length or long hair. These have recently been the most coveted hairstyle trend. When it comes to stars like models Irina Shayk or Bella Hadid and the hairstylists of the major fashion labels. This tendency is now turning. The beauty industry is reacting to the return to more naturalness and simple looks that shape our zeitgeist. Due to this change, layered hair is enjoying increasing popularity. What makes the hair trend and how to integrate it into the individual hairstyling, see below


The hairstyle trend of layered hair is a relatively broad term and does not mean a specific haircut, but rather a technique for styling and shortening hair. As the English name suggests, the hair for Layered Hair is given several layers, which creates more dynamism and volume in the entire hairstyle.

What makes the hairstyle trend particularly attractive is that it can be used on almost any hair length and hairstyle – from shaved hair and pixie cut to medium-length hair in bob, shag or long bob to shoulder-length hair. Because the haircut can be tailored to the individual hair type, it is also suitable for any structure and normal, thick and fine hair.



Layered hair can be used effectively if you have naturally fine hair or if your hair has become visibly thinner due to hair loss. The fine layers that are set in the hair lengths in the hairstyle trend create more volume and this in turn simulates more fullness of the hair. So perfect for fine hair or those that quickly hang flat and limp on the head.

Tip: By using special hair products such as volume foam, mousse or texturizing sprays. When styling layered hair, you can give your hair even more bounce. It can also help if you dry your hair while blow-drying with the help of a round brush, rotating hot air brush or overhead.


In theory, many people think that curls curl themselves healthily and bounce voluminously. Unfortunately, this is only partially true – incorrect hair care and styling products, dryness of the hair and split ends or other factors such as excessive combing and the frequent use of heat tools can affect naturally wavy and curly hair. Here, too, layered hair proves to be the perfect hairstyle trend, which, thanks to its characteristic layers, gives the curls more bounce and bounce. Layered hair looks particularly beautiful in the form of a rocky shag, as seen in Michael Kors Fall / Winter 2020/21 and in combination with a curly fringe, which is also one of the big trend hairstyles of the season.

Foto: Imaxtree
Moncler Herbst/Winter 2020/21


Are you fed up with running to the hairdresser every few weeks to have your hair done up. And do you even want an easy-care hairstyle that is quickly brought into shape in the morning? Even then, layered hair could be the right hairstyle trend for your needs. Because of the gentle layers in the lengths, which are hardly noticeable from the outside. These can also be treated a little more carelessly and only need to be refreshed every now and then by a professional.

When it comes to hairstyling, layered hair is flexible and can do almost anything. From super-sleek looks like the autumn / winter show 2020/21 by Gabriela Hearst to wild undone styling.

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