Why shouldn't you wash hair with overheated water

Why shouldn’t you wash hair with overheated water

When washing your face, your facial skin can sense the temperature with overheated water. However, hair does not have this perception and the water temperature penetrating the scalp is no longer accurate. So, be sure to test the water temperature by hand before you wash your hair.

Overheated water can cause the following damage to hair and scalp:

Photo by Armin Rimoldi from Pexels

(1) When you clean up, will also wash the hair of the lipid inside and amino acid loss.

(2) the water temperature is too hot, accelerate the hair expansion, promote hair salt bond fracture.

(3) The best temperature for enzyme activity is body temperature (skin temperature). Overheating will cause changes in enzyme activity in hair follicles related to hair growth. After that, it can also destroy the metabolic environment in the microenvironment of the scalp hair follicle. Finally it cause abnormal hair growth.

(4) It will cause excessive loss of scalp oil and damage the scalp barrier.

(5) The microorganisms on the scalp also have certain requirements on the temperature. Overheating may cause the activity of certain flora to decrease or die, and the scalp microecology is destroyed. At the same time, overheating will also cause the adhesion of the flora to the scalp to decrease and the flora to fall off.

(6) It will not only damage the hair, but also damage the scalp. If this happens, it will cause dryness, split ends, damage to the scalp barrier, and itching of the scalp..

In conclusion, there is no uniform standard for what temperature is appropriate. When you wash your hair with overheated water, your scalp will feel hot and your first reaction is to avoid it. It must be that the water is too hot. Let the body feel comfortable temperature, generally around 40℃, of course, everyone has their own feelings and habits.