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Buzz Cut Haircuts For Men

The buzz cut is one of the latest hairstyle trends for men. With this haircut, the man grabs the razor and lets it hum. “Buzz”. The result is an easy-care, simple, uncomplicated short hairstyle for men that has already conquered half of Hollywood.

In this article you will learn everything about the so-called buzz cut, how to have it cut, care for it, style and where the hairstyle comes from.

7 Most Popular Buzz Cut For Men

Your way to the buzz cut

If you want to have a buzz cut cut or shaved, you should think about it carefully beforehand, because once the hair is off, it takes a while before it is back. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions before you go to the razor.

Does the buzz cut suit me?

The buzz cut suits men with a square, round or oval head shape. It is equally suitable for thick and thin hair. In addition, you shouldn’t have any hard edges or misshapen shapes on your head, as the buzz cut reveals any unevenness. Also think about the back of your head, scars, hair gaps and the condition of your scalp, which can affect the hairstyle. One more thing: If you have disproportionately large or protruding ears, you can optically reinforce this with this haircut.

What length should the shave be?

If the buzz cut suits you, you should decide how long or short you want to shave. It is advisable to start a little longer, because you can always get shorter. The shorter the hairstyle, the more radical and extreme the look. In general, a hair length of 2 – 20 mm is recommended. If you have thin hair, don’t cut too much, as it can look a little too empty. The thicker the hair, the shorter you can go.

Can I cut the buzz cut myself?

Now the time has come, we can start. But there is one more question. Cut or shave yourself or go to the hairdresser? Anyone who thinks they have to save 15-25 € for the hairdresser is probably saving in the wrong place. Nevertheless, there will be enough men who want to go for it. If you dare to do it yourself, you should definitely note the mm setting of your razor if you remove the attachment for cleaning. If you don’t have a smart hair clipper, I can recommend the Panasonic ER-DGP82 from Amazon. You shave from front to back, against the grain. One lane at a time until they are all the same length. Do you want different lengths? Then go to the hairdresser and show him a photo.

Can you style?

As a man, it’s very difficult to do anything else on the buzz cut, but that’s why it’s so popular. When the hair is a bit longer again, the hair can be shaped a little with wax, but actually the buzz cut is there to not have to do anything more.

Tip: if you’d like to change something, shave the sides a little shorter with a transition to the top hair. It looks a lot cooler and isn’t that monotonous.

Care for the buzz cut

The buzz cut comes from the military sector and is also called military cut or marine cut or marine hairstyle. Of course, designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. So this haircut will be easy for you. Now and then a little shampoo in your hair and you’re done. Your scalp can breathe and your hair roots will thank you too. It also protects your hair from bad products, so it will be a real recovery regimen for the hair.

Origin of the trend

But where does the buzz cut come from and how did it become a trend? Anyone who looks at the icons of the youth and thus the influence of the fashion industry knows. Drake, Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are just a few of the celebrity role models who wear this haircut. The stubble had long disappeared from the scene and is now coming back. In keeping with a youth without worries, you no longer have to worry about your hair either. From a visual point of view, a haircut can also be seen as a kind of modification of the undercut, only with significantly shorter hair.


  • Keep your buzz cut maintained. Most people with this cut trim their hair again every 2 weeks or so.
  • Take your time when buzzing your hair. Rushing through it could lead to an uneven cut.
  • Have a friend or family member help you if possible, especially when buzzing the back of your head.
  • If you mess up, don’t panic. Go to your local barber or salon to have your buzz cut fixed.


Compared to other hairstyle trends, the buzz cut is very masculine, simple and inexpensive. If you have a distinctive and masculine face or a beautiful head shape, you should definitely try it.

You can find more hairstyles in our overview of men’s hairstyle trends.

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56 Cool Teen Boys Haircuts In 2022

The assortment of boys haircuts are wide and versatile. You can choose something short and easy for your boy, or you can use your imagination and choose something unique and one of a kind.

We’ve decided to bring together the hottest and trendiest hairstyles for boys that are hitting the top of this summer charts. Even if your little man refuses to go to the hairdresser, he will definitely change his mind when you show him our ideas!

Even though there are a lot of trendy short haircuts these days, we decided to bring your attention to these pompous cuts. Their beauty is that they can wear different clothes without losing their charm. Either the pump or the fluff and mess still look amazing! Although they are little boys, the versatility and style appeal to men of all ages!

The low fade hair is perfect for a boy who dreams of becoming a real man in the future. Of course, we’re a bit dramatic here. But it does look dazzling on this little but very serious young man. In addition, he will love to stand out from the crowd with his neat and unique hairstyle!

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Haircuts For The Square Face Shape

When it comes to a square face shape, the goal is to keep the face from appearing longer than it is naturally. There are many things that contribute to lengthening a square face– hair length, volume and cut. Here are a few ideas for you gorgeous rectangle gals!

Layer away!

Adding lots of layers to a square face shape can open you up in the cheekbone area while cutting many off the “four corners” at the same time.
Length matters: You never want to wear your hair super-long if you have a square face shape. Excessive length only makes a square face shape look longer.


Waves and curls are great for square face shapes because width of the overall silhouette helps. In other words, go for a little more horizontal volume and steer clear of too much height. Major volume going upward also contributes to lengthening your face.


Severe, sleek updos can make your jawline corners look even stronger. If you’re okay with that, then go for it! If you’re trying to soften go with a more romantic wavy chignon. Higher updos will bring out your corners, where lower chingons will draw less attention to them.


I’m not a huge fan of a square blunt bang with square or square bangs with a square jaw because it tends to make everything very box-y. Instead, try a soft rounded line or a soft/parted curtain bang (a la Brigitte Bardot!) If you need bang ideas, see here!

A-line cut

Just like with a square jaw, the corners of the jawline can be diffused by an a-line haircut. The longer length in front will weigh the hair down and lay closer to your cheeks, minimizing squareness. Then pair it with a long side bang to break up the usual “elongating lines” of a long bob. Try it with a little bend on the ends, too!


Small earrings. Elongated earrings with a round or oval shape, medium length or long. Hoops—oversized hoops that brush the jaw line or extend below the jaw line. Multi-tiered earrings.


Longer necklaces are usually a good choice. Collar length necklaces.


A pair of sunnies that have a rounder and thinner (or rimless) frame won’t overwhelm your face’s angular lines. Think rounder shapes and oval shapes, the butterfly shape, cat-eye shapes, shield styles, aviators (with angles more round than square). Dark or bold colors. Make sure the width of the frame is slightly wider than your cheekbones.


Round brim hats will accent your face shape—anything with a curved silhouette. Soft designs like wide brimmed floppy hats or curvy lines like bowler hats are especially flattering. Feminine hats with curvy lines will help soften the lines of your face. Choose derby hats, bucket hats, cloches, newsboys, center-dented fedoras, homburgs, bowler styles, trapper hats with the earflaps worn down, berets, beanies worn back on the forehead, scarves wrapped around head, softer styles with no harsh angles or geometric lines. Wear your brims on an angle whenever possible. Wide brimmed hats with a rounded prominent crown. Choose hats that sit high on your forehead to elongate your face shape.


A thicker, stronger color and shape balances your heavier jawline. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow makes the brow appear stronger (think Olivia Wilde or Angelina Jolie).

Are you working with a square face shape? If so, please share your own tips and tricks for what you think looks best below!

Celebrities: Rachel McAdams,Diane Kruger,Margot Robbie,Gwyneth Paltrow,Olivia Wilde.

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Haircuts For The Round Face Shape

Let’s be honest- SO many of us think we have a round face. But when it comes to face shapes you really want to try and be sure you know which one or two you are. Use this guide to get a more accurate answer. The best way to sum up a round face is that it’s just about if not the same in width as it is in length with no major corners at the jaw. One person that I think has always done a great job keeping her round face looking more oval-ish Ginnifer Goodwin. She doesn’t hide behind her hair which many people with a round face shape try to do. In this particular post, I’m going to be speaking from personal experience as I’m a round-faced girl. Here we go…


One thing I always tell my girls with a round face is to keep a little hair out in front of the ear and not to tuck it back. Look at each of Ginnifer’s images above– there’s always a little something in front of one ear or both. The reason this is helps a round face is because it visually stops the width of your face. It cuts off “the circle” and tricks the eye into thinking that the width of the face face stops there.

Don’t over do it: Those of us with round faces tend to want to hide behind lots of hair (story of my life!). Problem is, we’re not fooling anyone. I’ve learned over the years that doing so often just frames your cheeks and can make them look fuller. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t take a lot of hair being pushed forward to minimize the roundness of the face– instead try the tip above. Let that beautiful face come out from behind the hair curtain!

Deep part

A deep part is wonderful for a round face because it changes the focal point of the length of your face. People can’t see if your face is the same in length and width. If you look at the bottom left photo, Ginnifer parts the hair, it goes up off of her forehead and then down at the cheek. You can obviously see that this makes her face look more oval. On the bottom right, she swoops it down and across which also makes the face look a bit longer. Either way a deep side part with some wave is perfect for a round face.

Chop Chop

Girls with round faces do not like to hear this 90% of the time, but I’m going to say it for the other 10%– if you’re comfortable in your own skin and not insecure about the way you look, don’t be afraid to just chop that hair right OFF! Round + oval faces are the absolute best face shapes for going super short and no one works a better pixie than Ginnifer Goodwin. She plays with so many textures and she minimized the roundness in just the right ways.

I love when she makes it a little fuller on top with lots of choppy texture because it actually elongates the face. If you google “Ginnifer Goodwin short hair” you’ll see– this girl knows how to do it. She also had a lot of beautiful ‘dos when her hair was long so she’s a great one to look up when searching for round face hair style ideas.


Really important– ask (beg) your hairstylist to leave that little section that falls in front of your ear on the long side. Not longer than the rest neccessarily, but as long as the length of your hair. I’ve been cutting hair for 16 years and I can tell you, as soon as you cut into that piece, you start opening up the face. Round-faced girls usually want the opposite.

You want that particular section to stay long and you want it to always run right along the side of your face. That will be your key piece in minimizing roundness. Doesn’t matter if you have a bob, a pixie, or hair down to your waist with lots of layers. Don’t layer or cut that little section shorter than you have to. (No joke– I physically hold on to those pieces under my chin when anyone cuts my hair… but I’m crazy.)

Short haircuts

Keep some texture in short hair. Sleek short haircuts on a round face can make it appear more round. I’m not saying it’s not cute to have a sleek bob on a round face– it’s actually one of my favorite things because those girls look like DOLLS. But, for an every day short cut, meaning a bob or pixie, texture will diffuse the roundness. If your hair is naturally straight, put some weightless mousse in the roots and then give it some quick curl with curling wand.

Mid-length haircuts

Layers in medium-length hair are great for round faces as long as “The Piece” mentioned above remains intact. When I wear medium-length hair, I always ask whoever is cutting it for me to only give me layers “above the occipital”. In English, that means that the only hair that gets layered is the hair that grows above that bone you feel in the back of your head. That usually leaves a nice weight to the ends and then plenty of layers to play with.

Long haircuts

I find that the best way to wear long or super-long hair with a round face is to add layers and a long bang. Long hair with a round face needs some texture and the only way to get that is by adding layers. You can put all the texturizing product in the world in long heavy hair but you won’t get any long term lift and movement without some layering. I think the biggest mistake a girl with a round face can make is having really long hair with no layers because all that will do is draw attention to your cheeks. Again, ask to keep “The Piece” mentioned above.


The rumor is that girls with round faces shouldn’t have bangs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s more than fine to cut bangs and have a round face as long as they’re the right kind of bang. Here’s a bang guide to help you see the difference. I always check the forehead length before giving someone bangs. If you have a short forehead and a round face, skip the bangs. If you have a average sized forehead or a larger forehead, go for it. Just make sure there are longer pieces on the side like you see here and here.

High Pony

We round-faced girls don’t always love pulling all of our hair off of our face but sometimes a high pony can help elongate a round face. The volume on top can extend the silhouette of the head tricking the eye into thinking you have more of an oval face. Try wearing it with some loose natural pieces falling out in front of the ear and alongside your face.


Longer and narrow earring styles. Teardrop, dangle, narrow chandelier styles. Look for pieces with long, angular designs—like rectangles and trapezoids. Simple studs like pearl and crystal stud earrings that are average in size. Large hoops that extend past your jawline.


Longer necklace styles—long pendant styles, matinee length, long T styles. You usually can pull off collar length necklaces as well.


Look for a pair of shades with bold angles, from squares to rectangles to less conventional geometric details to wrap and shield styles—the sharper lines will balance out your soft features. Frame width should be equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Cat-eyes, Wayfarers, squared rectangle frames. Frames that sit higher on your face work better. Your sunglasses should reflect the scale of your face—if you have a wide/large face, look for oversized sunglasses.


Choose a hat that gives you an illusion of length. Styles that add fullness and height at the crown. Hats with sharp lines like a straight brim, tall crowns, high brims and asymmetrical shapes. Straight brims should be slanted forward to create flattering angles. Wear your brims on an angle whenever possible, wear your beret tilted to one side. The crown of the hat should be at least as wide as your face. Vertical design features such as feathers will flatter you. Wear a hat high on the hairline—don’t pull it straight down too far on your forehead. Cloches, fedoras, homburgs, trilbys, baseball caps, panama hats, beanies with a pompom, newsboy caps, scarves wrapped around head, floppy hats are good. It usually works best to choose a hat color that contrasts your hair (dark with blonde, light with brunette) and complements your complexion!


Curved high-arched brows to give a lifting effect and add more angle to your face (think Gigi Hadid or Fergie). Keep your brow ends as long as possible with a longer, defined tail portion. Don’t go too dark/thick with your brows as this will make your face appear wider.

Hope these tips help you and I hope you’ll share some of your favorite styles for a round face below!

Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence,Emma Bunton,Gigi Hadid,Kylie Jenner,Kate Upton.

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Haircuts For The Heart Face Shape

Did you know a true heart face shape has a widow’s peak? True story. The cheek area is slightly wider than the hairline and then drops into a pointed chin. There are no wide-set/squared off corners along the jawline. I think Kourtney Kardashian is a pretty great example of a heart face shape (and some super-cute hair dos!) If you have a normal or wide forehead with no widow’s peak which narrows down and goes into a pointed chin, it’s likely that you’re actually an “Inverted Triangle”, which is coming up in the next Hair Talk. Okay, here are the best tips and tricks for you heart shaped beauties…


You never really want to force a middle part when working with a widow’s peak. If it goes there, naturally then great. Otherwise, try going slighly (even just the tiniest bit) to one side or the other. When you split the hair right down the center with a widow’s peak, it tends to look thinner on each side. Better to thicken it up by going slightly off center. Look at Kourtney in the bottom center photo– it’s allllllmost center but she just pushes the widow’s peak piece over to one side. When you try to go straight down the center, one side typically behaves and the other refuses. Make mornings easier on yourself!


I love this looks on a heart shaped face for two reasons. One, it does away with any parting issues caused by a widow’s peak. Two, it opens up the face and features the gorgeous jawline of a heart shaped face. Tuck the less heavy side and let the heavy side fall in front of your shoulders if your hair is long enough.


I would say the sky’s the limit for haircuts on a heart-shaped face. Almost anything looks great except heavy bangs or an jaw-length short bob. Short bangs can be really hard to control if you have a widow’s peak and if you have cowlicks on top of that, you definitely want to skip shorter bangs.


There’s not much more to this one than the fact that I think this is a super-cute look heart-shaped face girls. It’s a sweet, soft, feminine look that opens up your face.


A piece-y blowout on hair with lots of layers is flattering on a heart face shape because it frames the face and makes the face appear a little more oval. Look at Kourtney in the bottom right hand photo, the slight off center parting creates a more oval shape and diffuses the appearance of a widow’s peak almost entirely.


Try a voluminous bun or pony. That will balance out the over-all silhouette of a heart face shape. Also, don’t go “too full” with your updos. When they’re wider than the hairline, they can actually make the chin look longer/more pointed.


Cluster or other smallish earrings are great. Also drop earrings that are wider at the bottom than they are at the top. Earrings with curves soften the angular lines of your face. Dangle, teardrop, oval, and chandelier style earrings. You can pull off large circular disc earrings.


Choker, collar, or short length necklaces work best for this facial type. Stacked necklaces, or multi-strand styles. You can handle necklaces that are bulkier to fill out your face — such as a statement bib necklace.


Mimic the shape of your face with your sunglasses — with the upturned design of the cat-eye styles! Also try oval and round styles, bottom heavy frames, aviators, and Wayfarers. You can pull off thin, rimless, and/or light-colored frames. Make sure the width of the frame is slightly wider than your forehead for balance.


Hats work well on you in general. Medium brimmed hats, prominent crowns, and asymmetrical brims are flattering. Slanting the hat to one side will slim your face and draw attention to your eyes. Wear styles like fedoras, cloches, berets, boater hats, derby hats, homburgs, brimless hats, pompom beanies, beanies, trapper hats with the earflaps worn down. Best to wear hats that cover your forehead completely. Wear small accessories or adornments on the top or side of your head. The crown of the hat should never be narrower than your cheekbones.


Groomed, tightly kept and not too thick (think Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson). Keep the brows rounded with a low-arch, as the curve of the brow enhances the heart-like look of the face. You can experiment though with a higher arch—it will make your face shape appear longer and more dramatic.

If you have a tip or trick you want to share with other girls who have a heart face shape, please feel free to share it below!

Celebrities: Taylor Swift,Victoria Beckham,Reese Witherspoon,Kate Hudson,Ashley Greene.

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Haircuts For The Diamond Face Shape

On to the next one– the gorgeous diamond face shape! If you’re a diamond, your hairline is more narrow. Also, starting below the ear your jawline comes to a point at your chin. (If your jawline narrows but your hairline is wide, then stay tuned for the inverted triangle face shape which coming will be next!) Here are some tips + tricks for styling hair around a diamond face shape:

Stay back

The diamond face shape can get very narrow when there’s a lot of hair surrounding the face. I love how Ashley pushes it all back in the top photo. Typically diamonds have a great jawline so let that it show, girl! If it’s hard for you to get your hair to stay back, try applying a light holding mousse at the root before you blowdry and then tuck behind the ear.

The One + Only

I love when diamond face shaped girls push one side back. Like I said before– a too much hair can crowd and make a diamond face appear too narrow so it’s good to open one side up and show off that great jawline. Any kind of texture works well here– smooth waves, messy textured waves, pin straight, or crazy curls. It says “Look at my pretty hair” but it doesn’t hide your pretty face.

Deep side part

I loooove the way a deep side part looks on a diamond face shape but it can often be a challenge because of how the hairline narrows. If you find it challenging, use some mousse at the root before you blow-dry. This will help the hair stay in place instead of falling forward as it naturally wants to. Also, try parting on the diagonal– using a tail comb, start deep to one side and come come back to the center as you go back. That will help balance out the weight and not make the heavy side too heavy.


I like to avoid heavy, straigh bangs on my clients with diamond face shapes. The reason is- the hairs in front of a narrow hairline usually grow upward or out to the sides so it can be a bit of a challenge to control straight heavy bangs. I do, however, love “curtain” Bardot bangs for this face shape. A center or slightly off-center parted curtain-y bang will help maintain the silhouette of the diamond face shape and is typically much easier to control because you’re not trying to fight their natural direction so much.


Layers, layers, layers. No one is a better candidate for lots of layers than a girl with a diamond face shape. Lots of layers keep a diamond face shape “open”. Less layers will fall in front of the widest points of a diamond face shape and narrow you out. See how Ashley looks more narrow in the bottom right hand photo? Still gorgeous but her face definitely appears more narrow than the other images. Luckily it looks great sleek and straight because she’s got layers. The hair still moves and doesn’t just hang. It’s important to have layers in order to wear super straight hair.

Ponytails + Updos

What can I say? Honestly, updos + ponytails are always great on diamond face shapes. High, low, center, whatever! Pulling the hair back off of a diamond face shape is a good thing. I can’t say there is a specific guidline for diamonds to follow here. You lucky girls!

Are you a sparkling diamond? If so, please feel free to share your experiences with your face shape below. Tell us your best tips and tricks!

Celebrities: Megan Fox,Tyra Banks,Mallika Sherawat,Viola Davis.

Men Men's hairstyles

49 Most Popular Men’s Haircuts in 2022

How to choose right haircuts and cool hairstyles ? Don’t worry,here is the best collection for you in one complete guide.

There are many men’s haircuts for you to choose with face shape.Such as,fade haircuts,crop haircuts,buzz cut styles,quiff haircuts,comb over hairstyles,slicked back hair and so on.Different hairstyles have different styles.

Here are many cool haircuts to try this year. If you want to try the latest hairstyle trends, now is the time to do it.In this article,we will discuss the most popular men’s haircuts for you.I hope to be helpful to you.

The Complete Guide To Men’s Haircuts and cool hairstyles.

1. Low Skin Fade + Wavy Hair

The low skin fade haircut is a popular men’s haircut.Main features:involves long hair on top which gradually gets shorter until skin-level as it goes down to the sides and nape area.Also commonly called a bald fade or a zero fade,it can brings with it a crisp contrast.

2. MID FADE + Slash Design+Slicked Back Haircut

A modern take on the classic men’s slicked back haircut. The hair is styled using a blow dryer and wide toothed comb to create the separation and detail. Use a strong hold matte finish pomade to keep the hairstyle in place.

3. The Forte Series Texture Clay!

If you haven’t tried Forte yet or just need a fresh jar, now’s the best time to order!⁣

4. Mid fade + Medium Hair On Top Haircut

This is such a great haircut.To get this look use a light to medium hold pomade. Work a small amount of pomade into your hair when it is dry. Or, work it into damp hair and use a blow dryer and brush to get that movement and wavy look.

5. Buzz Cut + High Fade

While being navy short, buzz cuts can additionally be cool. This appears tames thick hair with a brief cut, line up, and high fade.

6. Undercut + Brushed Back

The men’s undercut haircut is a trendy style built on the “short sides, long top” concept that creates a cool, classy look for all guys.

7. Beard Shape + Line Up

The balance between buzz and beard make facial hair appear fuller and thick hair on the head lighter.

8. Natural Waves + Medium Length Haircut

A very natural looking classic men’s haircut. Short sides, a bit longer on top, brushed back into place.

9. mid Fade + Spiky Texture + Buzz

The mid fade is versatile, classy, and easy to get. This faded cut can be combined with short haircuts like the crew cut, buzz cut, French crop, or fringe for an awesome textured finish.

10. Side Swept Hairstyles For Men

The side swept haircut is a cut that requires short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. The central theme of these side swept hairstyles is that the definition between top, back, and sides are always prominent.

Hairstyles Men Men's hairstyles Women

Haircuts For Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Last but clearly not least in our haircuts talk on face shapes we have the inverted triangle face.(Hooray!!) Inverted is just a fancy way of saying “upside down” or “flipped”. Knowing that you can clearly see that an inverted triangle face shape is wider at the forehead than it is at the jaw. Most of my clients with an inverted triangle face shape ask me to make their forehead appear less wide. That’s pretty easy to do, but you also want to avoid making the face look longer and more narrow when doing so. Here are some helpful hints from me to you:

Half ups

I love half updos for girls with inverted triangle face shapes. A half updo can narrow the forehead + widen the look of your cheekbones + jawline. Gotta love a good illusion! I think the key with Anja’s look on the bottom left is that the hair is wavy and that she has a center part. I like that the “baby hairs” just above her temples are not pulled back into the braids– they’re down and it’s just enough to help diffuse the width of her forehead.


Almost every single girl I know with an inverted triangle face shape loooooves having bangs and will never give them up. Obviously if you want to embrace the forehead you’ve got and not have bangs– do it, girl! On the other hand, if you want the option to show a wider forehead sometimes and narrow the appearance of your forehead other times, you’ll need some sort of bang. Avoid a heavy straight-across bang only because it could potentially make your face even more triangular. I would recommend something similar to Alexa’s long bangs, Brigitte’s “curtain bangs” which are essentially short and long bangs combined, or this heavy side swoop bang. I would even say you could get away with a half-moon bang in this post as long as it’s got some soft roundness to it and it’s not just a blunt, straight across, heavy bang.

Center parting

The key to center parting on an inverted triangle face shape is not letting it lengthen you. You don’t want your bangs or layers to be styled “down”, you want them to be styled “out” once they pass your eyes/eyebrows. You want that hair from the center part to then lead into some sort of layers near your cheekbones. I always tell my clients “style your bangs in the direction of your ears.”

Wavy bob + bangs

his is one of my favorite haircuts for the inverted triangle face shape. Also one of the most flattering, softening, balancing cuts for this face shape. The reason is, you can typically get great texture and layers in a bob or long bob. The side bang leads into layers which do exactly what is mentioned above– widens the cheekbone/jawline and diffuses the width of the forehead. Everything just looks in perfect proportion.

Diagonal side part

This is a great trick. See how Anja’s hair is parted diagonally in the bottom right photo? If all that hair was pulled to one side it would likely make the forehead appear wider. Use a tailcomb or a pencil if you don’t have a tailcomb, and start slightly off center, working your way over to a deep side part. That way there’s hair on both sides but it still appears that you’re wearing a heavy side part.

Super straight hair with minimal layers

That would be the one style I would suggest girls with inverted triangle face shapes should avoid. All that’s going to do is make your face appear longer and more narrow. You want layers, especially around the face.

Updos + Chignons

You can do almost any updo, chignon or pony when you have an inverted triangle face shape. Also, leaving out a few soft pieces around the face will help balance out your triangle. I find that a center or off-center part is most flattering but not mandatory. I mean, clearly the updo in the top photo from the Louis Vuitton show is GORGE– a messy french twist with lots of texture and a thin headband! Obsessed.


Longer earring styles help elongate your face and create balance. Longer drop earrings that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. Small studs that are sparkly and pretty draw the eye upwards.

Careful: Short drop earrings. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top.


Long necklaces — be creative with pendants and mixing a variety of chains and necklace lengths. Long, opera length necklace wrapped multiple times.

Careful: Chokers and short chunky necklaces.


Low necklines to slim your jawline and chin area — such as V-necks, scoop necks, sweethearts, collared shirts open at the neck. Embellished necklines will work this way too.

Careful: Straight necklines like boatnecks, and high necklines like mockneck or neckties.


Sunglass frames that have design detail and color at the top of the frame, frames that are heavy at the top (such as a half-rim style), frames with a dramatic cat-eye or oval shapes. Frames should be slightly wider than your temples to fake a wider hairline. You can try oversized sunglasses to give your jawline a smaller appearance. Square jaws look great with aviators (wide on top, narrower on bottom) and Wayfarers.


The best hat styles will create width at your forehead and temples, and draw attention to the upper part of your face. Choose hats with a full (but not tapered) crown and a wide brim. Wide brimmed sun hats are great. Asymmetrical brims and crowns with some height help to draw attention upwards.

Careful: Hats with tapered crowns. Cloche hats and fedoras that feature a tapered crown.


Your ideal brow is one with a higher arch that extends to the outer ends of the eye, to give the illusion of extra width at the forehead (think Eva Mendes). Not too thin, strongly defined eyebrows are best. The brow should start slightly further apart than the inside corner of the eye, and extend further than the outside corner.


Do you have an inverted triangle face shape? If so we would love you to share your thoughts, tips and your own tricks below! Thank you for being so patient in waiting for each of your face shapes! Hope this series has helped you guys understand more about how to wear your hair and what to talk to your hair stylist about.

Celebrities: Meghan Markle,Billie Piper,Ellie Kemper,Minnie Driver.

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10 the best women hairstyles for 2022

Every girl are demanding for this hairstyle. Just make newest and popular women hairstyles of 2022 and improve your confidence.

How important is hairstyle for a woman? Choosing a hairstyle that suits you is even more important than cosmetics and clothes. Hair styles can modify face shapes, add points to clothing shapes, convey personality, and even affect life.

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If you’re looking for the latest women hairstyles,please watch our complete guide.

1. Medium Hairstyles

Credit: @konfidencebykayla/ Instagram

A round haircut is a cut that is shorter in the front and gradually gets longer towards the back giving a soft “U”. This haircut gives a beautiful style whether it’s curled, straight or dried naturally.

2. New Bob

Credit: @kaiagerber/ Instagram

After joining the lob club earlier this year, Kaia Gerber is clearly loving the shorter look, opting for a super sharp trim to her jaw length bob. The result? A seriously chic, slightly undercut crop that’s giving us serious 90s boyband vibes.

3.  70s Shaggy Fringe

Credit: @chrisappleton1/ Instagram

J Lo turned to A-list hairstylist and her go-to man for a hair transformation, Chris Appleton, for a brand new boho look that’s all about the 70s shaggy fringe. The singer looked seriously epic with exta long golden waves and a full messy fringe to complement her groovy blue eyeshadow.

4. Pixie Bob

Credit: @herecomesthesilver/ Instagram

Super short cuts are a strong trend this year, but if you still need a longer length on top, a pixie bob is for you. It is a golden mean between trendy bobs and sexy pixies.

5. Asymmetrical Lob

Credit: @krisyasker/ Instagram

This cut works for all face types. It has been a really popular cut.Asymmetrical lobs can take on more solid, bold hair colors and less of a highlight, making it easier to experiment with the changing, warmer season

6. Modern Shag

Credit: @taylorswift/ Instagram

The modern shag is a mainstay in style. This look works for curly hair, straight hair, long, mid-length, and even shorter hair.

7. Short Bangs

Credit: @kadindediginkisasacliolur/ Instagram

This sit just right above the eyebrows, making them a bit shorter than previous trendy styles. Bangs don’t have to be full and blunt to be on-trend. Krysten Ritter proves piece-y bangs that sit above your eyebrows are just as pretty.

8. One Length

Credit: @love__isinthehair/ Instagram

Getting a haircut or a simple hair trim every six to eight weeks can prevent the hair cuticles from damaging, splitting and breaking. Once you start facing split ends issues your hair will end up becoming very thin and it will be impossible to get it repaired. So, getting your hair cut regularly can avoid these issues and will help you to get the prettiest looking hair.

9. Blonde Bob

Credit: @chrisappleton1/ Instagram

A super sleek, blonde-highlighted bob. Fall is the perfect time to get that short haircut you’ve been thinking about, and a bob might just be that cut you’re looking for.

10. Blunt Bob

Credit: @hairbyjordon_/ Instagram

Nothing better than platinum blonde hair OR a blunt bob.. besides having both.

Hairstyles Men Men's hairstyles Women

How To Determine Your Face Shape Quickly

The best way to determine your face shape is by measuring it. there is a easy for you.
Start by pulling back your hair into a pony tail or pinning it back so your hairline is visible. Take a photo of yourself or have someone take one for you straight on. I used my computers camera and photoshop to outline my face.

Print your photo out and take a thick marker such as a sharpie and trace around your face shaped and along your hairline, or use photoshop like I did. Compare your face to diagram below and read about what styles and cuts will look best on your face shape.

1. A oblong face is longer than it is wide and slender. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

2. A square shaped face has a strong squared jawline with an equally squared hairline. The temples and cheek bones should be equally wide

3. A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and temples. The forehead and jawline are equally narrow.

4. A triangle shaped face has a dominant jawline that tapers towards the hairline with cheeks and temples narrower than the jaw.

5. A heart shaped face is widest at the temples and hairline and should narrow towards the jawline to a delicate pointed chin.

6. A round shaped face is full looking with a rounded jaw line and hairline. The widest point of your face will be your cheeks.

7. An oval face shape is some what narrower at the jawline than at the temples. The hairline is gently rounded.

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