Side Parting

Side Parting Hairstyles For Men

In fact, side parting hairstyles remain a trend. At the beginning of the year, the male models from Gucci and Dior Homme walked the catwalk with the strict parting. The blockbuster movie “The Great Gatsby” had the greatest effect. There, Leonardo DiCaprio and his male colleagues wear the side parting in a strict wet look, in the style of the 1920s. So the side parting is back in trend.

What is to be considered?

Before you go out and want to get this cut, get advice. A well-trained hairdresser will recognize whether the cut fits your individual head shape. The main task of this hairstyle is to emphasize your face, so you should be careful that your receding hairline is not too clearly visible. Even with thin hair, the advice of your hairdresser is worth its weight in gold. The cut is basically a simple craft. The main hair is left longer than the side and neck hair.

How much cm it differs is up to you, only a noticeable difference should be seen. With a short face shape, it is ideal to shave off the sides and neck, as it stretches your head optically and makes it look more aesthetic to the eye. You can also have an accurate parting shaved off.

With a rather elongated head shape, the strict side parting is not advisable. But you don’t have to do without him entirely. A simple basic rule is that with an elongated face, the side and neck hair should be a little fuller. In addition, a slightly more pronounced “Tolle” would be more advantageous. The side parting is particularly suitable for men with prominent cheekbones and a three-day beard. This is where your face really comes into its own.

Style the parting

Before you start styling, make sure your hair isn’t too dry. It should be towel-dry at most, otherwise you will not get the desired effect.

Pomade is suitable for styling itself. In addition to the fashionable effect, this also has a caring effect. In addition, the hair does not stick together, as would be the case with gel. Now comes the hard part, parting with a thin comb. The more sideways, the better the visual effect.

All you have to do is comb the rest of the hair into shape. It is important that you get a lot of volume in your hair, if you can’t use it, you should look for volume powder and volume shampoo.

A hair dryer can help here. It is best to blow-dry your hair upside down. However, be careful not to get your hair too dry. When combing, a slightly coarser comb should be used to make the hair look a little more natural.

When combing, make sure that it looks even. Practice makes perfect, the first try will certainly not be a hit. If you like shine in your hair, you can add a finish with hairspray.

A little tip: a folding comb. So you always have your hairstyle under control outside of the bathroom. The more you style the hairstyle the better it gets. It’s best to get a few tips from your hairdresser. He knows where the trouble is with your hair.

Classic side parting hairstyles

The parted version of the Elvis Presley hairstyle is also celebrating a comeback, the bombage hairstyle. In contrast to the classic side parting, volume is used here. The top hair is also left longer here, it is important that the contours on the neck are retained and not shaved off. You can achieve the voluminous effect with mousse and a hair dryer, a round brush can also be used. However, this should only be used for the “finish”. To do this, roll your hair into the great and blow-dry the roots. Hairspray can be used for hold. Make sure that you spray at least 30 cm from the hairline. This will prevent sticking or straggly hair.

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