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How To Determine Your Face Shape Quickly

The best way to determine your face shape is by measuring it. there is a easy for you.
Start by pulling back your hair into a pony tail or pinning it back so your hairline is visible. Take a photo of yourself or have someone take one for you straight on. I used my computers camera and photoshop to outline my face.

Print your photo out and take a thick marker such as a sharpie and trace around your face shaped and along your hairline, or use photoshop like I did. Compare your face to diagram below and read about what styles and cuts will look best on your face shape.

1. A oblong face is longer than it is wide and slender. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

2. A square shaped face has a strong squared jawline with an equally squared hairline. The temples and cheek bones should be equally wide

3. A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and temples. The forehead and jawline are equally narrow.

4. A triangle shaped face has a dominant jawline that tapers towards the hairline with cheeks and temples narrower than the jaw.

5. A heart shaped face is widest at the temples and hairline and should narrow towards the jawline to a delicate pointed chin.

6. A round shaped face is full looking with a rounded jaw line and hairline. The widest point of your face will be your cheeks.

7. An oval face shape is some what narrower at the jawline than at the temples. The hairline is gently rounded.

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How To Choose Women’s Haircut For Face Shape

It’s really important to choose a haircut for peoples who know your face shape. So you’ve got a great haircut and show your most bright side.

Face shapes include: oblong face,square face,diamond face,triangle face,heart face,round face,oval face. Let’s introduce the characteristics of different faces and suitable hairstyles one by one!

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what’s your haircut for your face shape ?

1. Oblong face

Oblong face is called Rectangular face.
Rectangular faces are long and narrow with squared jaws and squared hairlines.

This face shape is very strong and can come off as too masculine if the hairstyle does not accentuate the face properly.

Bangs look very good because they balance out the length of the face and soften the forehead.

Wispy bangs and layers are very flattering. Side bangs look great as well.


  • Bangs are very flattering, especially short or medium length
  • Hairstyles that create fullness at the sides of the face
  • Wispy or side swept bangs to soften the forehead


  • Very long and flat hairstyles
  • Up-do’s make your face look even longer
  • Center parts bring too much attention to the top of the head


Rihanna,Maggie Q,Chloe Sevigny,Jennifer Garner,Eva Mendes,Ashley Simpson.

2. Square face

If your face is square, you have a wide jawline and a wide hairline and your face is not very tall.

Your hairstyle should aim to soften the edges of your jaw and forehead to make them look rounder.

Shorter hairstyles that accentuate the cheekbones and fall onto the face look great.

MEDIUM or LONG haircut look best. Hair worn over the forehead and long wispy curls or waves look

Detail in here


  • Short to medium length hairstyles
  • Wispy bangs that fall over the forehead
  • Styles that accentuate the cheekbones
  • Off center parts


  • Long, straight haircut with center parts
  • Straight blunt cut bangs
  • Straight bob ending at jawline


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3. Diamond face

A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and temples. The forehead and jawline are equally narrow.

Hairstyles that accentuate your wonderful bone structure like jaw length bobs tucked behind the ears will look great!

Avoid short cropped hairstyles that are spiky and add too much height.

Side swept bangs look great as well as side parts.

Detail in here


  • Most styles will look good on you!
  • Longer hair styles tucked behind the ears
  • Pixie cuts


  • Long bangs
  • Wearing your hair over your face
  • Short cuts with lots of volume on top


Megan Fox,Tyra Banks,Mallika Sherawat,Viola Davis.

4. Triangle face

A triangle shaped face has a wide jawline and a narrow forehead and is the most uncommon of face shapes.Also known as the pear face shape.

Short hairstyles with lots of volume and curl can look great with this face shape but be careful not to add to much bulk or volume to the top of the head.

You should choose a hairstyle that accentuates the forehead and narrows the jawline. Lots of fullness at the top of your head looks great (especially up-dos).

Detail in here


  • Short hairstyles with waves or curls
  • Off center parts
  • Hairstyles with fullness at the temples and crown
  • Hairstyles that taper at the jawline


  • Long hairstyles that draw attention to the jawline
  • Center parts
  • Too much height at the crown


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5. Heart face

If you have a heart shaped face, chin length cuts (like a bob or A-Line) are most flattering. If you add bangs, you can pretty much pull off any cut available, even very long styles as long as they accentuate the jawline and narrow the face.

Curly/wavy hairstyles look especially nice and draw attention away from your jawline.

Side swept bangs help to even out your face shape and are very flattering.

Detail in here


  • Pixie cuts with side swept bangs
  • A-Line cuts that end at the chin
  • Long hairstyles with lots of waves and fullness


  • Short hairstyles without bangs
  • Lots of volume at the crown
  • Slicked back looks that reveal the forehead


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6. Round face

Round shaped faces need hair styles that slim the face.

For short to medium length hairstyles, try an off center part to break up the center line of your face.

Creating volume at the top of your head will help lengthen the face and narrow the roundness of your face.

Your cheeks are the widest part of your face so avoid hairstyles that accentuate that part of your face.

Detail in here


  • Short hairstyles that are swept back from the face
  • Off center parts
  • Hairstyles that allow you to create fullness and volume at the crown


  • Parting your hair in the center
  • Hairstyles that end at the cheeks
  • Blunt cut bangs
  • Hairstyles with too much fullness at the sides of the face


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7. Oval face

Oval shaped faces are the most versatile types of faces. They can pull of most styles of hair and allow the most experimenting!

You can wear SHORTMEDIUM, and LONG hairstyles with ease.

Because your face is so proportionate, don’t be afraid to show it off! You will look your best with styles that are off your face.


  • Many types of hairstyles that interest you
  • Styles that are clean and off your face
  • Different lengths


• Covering your face with heavy bangs
• Brushing your hair over your face


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