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How To Determine Your Face Shape Quickly

The best way to determine your face shape is by measuring it. there is a easy for you.
Start by pulling back your hair into a pony tail or pinning it back so your hairline is visible. Take a photo of yourself or have someone take one for you straight on. I used my computers camera and photoshop to outline my face.

Print your photo out and take a thick marker such as a sharpie and trace around your face shaped and along your hairline, or use photoshop like I did. Compare your face to diagram below and read about what styles and cuts will look best on your face shape.

1. A oblong face is longer than it is wide and slender. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

2. A square shaped face has a strong squared jawline with an equally squared hairline. The temples and cheek bones should be equally wide

3. A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and temples. The forehead and jawline are equally narrow.

4. A triangle shaped face has a dominant jawline that tapers towards the hairline with cheeks and temples narrower than the jaw.

5. A heart shaped face is widest at the temples and hairline and should narrow towards the jawline to a delicate pointed chin.

6. A round shaped face is full looking with a rounded jaw line and hairline. The widest point of your face will be your cheeks.

7. An oval face shape is some what narrower at the jawline than at the temples. The hairline is gently rounded.

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