What To Do With Shiny Hair

What To Do With Shiny Hair

Hair is shiny and shiny, or even sticky, indicating that it belongs to oily hair and skin is often oily. Of course, sometimes oily hair and oily skin are not exactly the same.

Photo by Abi Greer from Pexels

When the hair appears shiny and shiny, regardless of the hair quality, choose a shampoo with strong detergency to ensure that the excessive oil and dirt on the hair and scalp can be cleaned. If you have a lot of oily head and are accompanied by excessive hair loss. You can use anti-hair loss or anti-hair loss shampoo. You can choose to use general light conditioner, or no conditioner.

If the hair is soft and tends to stick to the scalp, it is recommended not to use any styling products to prevent the styling products from crushing the hair. For those with thick and hard hair, you can use gel or hair spray to style your hair, and men can use hair oil to style your hair.

The frequency of shampooing can be increased appropriately, which is beneficial to the appearance of beautiful hair, healthy hair and scalp, and reduces hair loss.


The amount of hair oil is related to age, not all hair is oily throughout your life. The amount of head oil also changes with the seasons. Therefore, when caring for your hair, you must make a specific care plan based on the specific conditions of your hair.