How To Lace Cleats

How To Lace Cleats

From youth sports to amateur and professional levels, it’s important for every athlete to know how to tie cleats with a Lock Lace for their best fit. This style modifies a traditional crisscross lacing or “X” pattern to make a serious impact on your comfort, safety and performance on the pitch, the diamond or the gridiron.

Finding the fit for your game comes down to two factors: the perfect tightness and freedom of motion. Take control of your style by giving yourself 20 minutes to lace up and test your cleats before playing so you don’t have to make adjustments on the fly. Get your lacing locked down and you can play locked in.


When you’re learning how to do it , follow these steps:


Step #1
First, string the lace through the bottom eyelets and create an even amount of shoestring on the left and right sides.

Step #2
To create a common crisscross and “X” pattern, take the left and right laces diagonally across each other to the open and adjacent eyelet. Work your way up to the final two eyelets.

Step #3
Instead of crisscrossing the laces, run each lace up the same side into the eyelet above, threading from the outside of the shoe to the inside, creating a loop.

Step #4
Cross the laces and run them through the adjacent loop. Pull tight and tie cleats as you normally would (for example: bow tie knot).

Step #5
Tuck any remaining or extra lace slack into the empty space between your ankle and shoe.

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