How To Lace Golf Shoes

How To Lace Golf Shoes

Unlike mastering the game of golf, there’s nothing too complex about learning how to lace golf shoes. Simple, basic and traditional Over Under Lacing and a bow tie knot will do the trick. It’s an efficient, comfortable and time-tested way to hit the links.

Tie them once and you should be good to go for an entire round of 18 holes. However, there’s a chance that you, like many people, don’t tie a proper bow tie knot. So, if your laces keep coming undone as you’re on the approach, then be sure to check out the tip below.


When you’re learning how to lace golf shoes, follow these steps:


Step #1
Start by threading your shoelace through the bottom eyelets until you have an equal amount of shoelace on each sid

Step #2
Thread the left and right laces across to the next eyelets, creating a diagonal “X” pattern. Continue pattern all of the way up.

Step #3
Take both laces, thread them and pull tight. Next, take the classic bunny-ear loop in one hand and wrap the other lace around the loop back towards you – rather than away from you.

Step #4
Pull loops tight. The bow should be straight across and perpendicular to the direction of the shoe.

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