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Modern Dandy

Whether hairstyles always have to underline a certain style is debatable. But you don’t necessarily have to describe yourself as a dandy to wear this chic hairstyle. Rather, it is a very suitable cut for spring. Not as much bare scalp as with short undercut or sidecut, because the modern dandy wears the hair (especially the top hair) a little longer. The modern dandy wears rich brown in a very classic way. In any case, very wearable with the warm colors of spring, with fashion such as thinner coats. Especially to outfits with a business look … and here we come to dandyism. The dandy’s hairstyle is carefully staged: of course, the hair should fit perfectly and still look after little effort

What is Modern Dandy?

Who is this dandy anyway? Like any style, this is of course difficult to define or there are often very personal interpretations … but let’s give it a try: According to the dictionary, the Englishman George Bryan Brummeil is considered the founder of dandyism in the 18th century. This one was a real gentleman! Friedrich Kluges once defined the dandy as follows: “young people who visit church or fair in conspicuous clothing”.

Well, that was a long time ago. The real modern dandy is looking for something more than that. He is elegant, always well and originally dressed. His manners are perfectly formed by a gentleman. He detests the bright, loud and perfumed – he cultivates his appearance. Aesthetics is his religion. It’s not just about fashion for him, his entire appearance is almost aristocratic, he embodies the real gentleman. For all those who are interested in dandy and need a style guide for all cases, the book “Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion” is recommended. With him you can make yourself a modern dandy, perfect or check your style.

The hairstyle must of course also match. This is also elegant and perfectly shaped. The longer top hair falls over the soft, slightly shorter undercut without a visible finish. A gentle transition makes the hairstyle appear very soft and stylish. The hair – the bangs, so to speak – is held for the longest on the front head. This enables a multitude of styling variations. All in all, this hairstyle is very harmonious and can go perfectly with the outfit or style.

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Men Men's hairstyles

Side Parting Hairstyles For Men

In fact, side parting hairstyles remain a trend. At the beginning of the year, the male models from Gucci and Dior Homme walked the catwalk with the strict parting. The blockbuster movie “The Great Gatsby” had the greatest effect. There, Leonardo DiCaprio and his male colleagues wear the side parting in a strict wet look, in the style of the 1920s. So the side parting is back in trend.

What is to be considered?

Before you go out and want to get this cut, get advice. A well-trained hairdresser will recognize whether the cut fits your individual head shape. The main task of this hairstyle is to emphasize your face, so you should be careful that your receding hairline is not too clearly visible. Even with thin hair, the advice of your hairdresser is worth its weight in gold. The cut is basically a simple craft. The main hair is left longer than the side and neck hair.

How much cm it differs is up to you, only a noticeable difference should be seen. With a short face shape, it is ideal to shave off the sides and neck, as it stretches your head optically and makes it look more aesthetic to the eye. You can also have an accurate parting shaved off.

With a rather elongated head shape, the strict side parting is not advisable. But you don’t have to do without him entirely. A simple basic rule is that with an elongated face, the side and neck hair should be a little fuller. In addition, a slightly more pronounced “Tolle” would be more advantageous. The side parting is particularly suitable for men with prominent cheekbones and a three-day beard. This is where your face really comes into its own.

Style the parting

Before you start styling, make sure your hair isn’t too dry. It should be towel-dry at most, otherwise you will not get the desired effect.

Pomade is suitable for styling itself. In addition to the fashionable effect, this also has a caring effect. In addition, the hair does not stick together, as would be the case with gel. Now comes the hard part, parting with a thin comb. The more sideways, the better the visual effect.

All you have to do is comb the rest of the hair into shape. It is important that you get a lot of volume in your hair, if you can’t use it, you should look for volume powder and volume shampoo.

A hair dryer can help here. It is best to blow-dry your hair upside down. However, be careful not to get your hair too dry. When combing, a slightly coarser comb should be used to make the hair look a little more natural.

When combing, make sure that it looks even. Practice makes perfect, the first try will certainly not be a hit. If you like shine in your hair, you can add a finish with hairspray.

A little tip: a folding comb. So you always have your hairstyle under control outside of the bathroom. The more you style the hairstyle the better it gets. It’s best to get a few tips from your hairdresser. He knows where the trouble is with your hair.

Classic side parting hairstyles

The parted version of the Elvis Presley hairstyle is also celebrating a comeback, the bombage hairstyle. In contrast to the classic side parting, volume is used here. The top hair is also left longer here, it is important that the contours on the neck are retained and not shaved off. You can achieve the voluminous effect with mousse and a hair dryer, a round brush can also be used. However, this should only be used for the “finish”. To do this, roll your hair into the great and blow-dry the roots. Hairspray can be used for hold. Make sure that you spray at least 30 cm from the hairline. This will prevent sticking or straggly hair.

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Men Men's hairstyles

Mens Bun

The mens bun is now fashionable and can no longer be found alone in the women’s domain. In addition to the regained full beard, man is now going all out with his head hair. The topknot can be traced back to antiquity, when women still attached it with pieces of jewelry such as hairpins or a comb.

The bun for him exudes pure casualness, usually to be found on the back of the head or towards the neck, as you like. According to your taste and your hair length.

The styling

The mens bun is very easy to make. Take all your hair, brush it back and twist it into a light bulb, put your hair elastic in and you’re done. Better to refrain from experiments and use a classic black or brown hair tie. Do not worry if individual strands fall out.

You should always wear your bun loosely on the road or when you’re out and about. But besides all the casualness it can exude, your hair should never look greasy or felty. Care is the be-all and end-all. With a lot of hair on your head and face, you slip faster than a man thinks into an unkempt exterior, so you should take the tips on care to heart (tips follow below).

But the strict variant also has advantages. When styling, simply take the washed, towel-dried hair and pull it back, but please do not let any strands fall. So that the look fits perfectly into the picture, some hair oil can be used, it gives the hair shine and it is not made difficult by any styling products. Here as an example Jared Leto. Also make sure that the rest of the face looks very well-groomed and that no hair is shagging anywhere. Grooming is the be-all and end-all for a man’s bun.

The way to the mens bun

It all sounds very simple so far, so why not just go for it? The most difficult thing is actually getting to the bun. Growing and caring for the scalp hair and not looking neglected during this phase often complicates the whole procedure for the man. Patience is required here and a hairdresser with supportive tips. In the article “Long hair” we already gave a few tips for the transition phase. How you do it well is described here: click! There is actually something for every phase.

However, one should be careful not to cut too many layers in the hair. In combination with the bun, you shouldn’t have a negative tendency towards the beard, whether a full beard or a 3-day beard is unimportant, you just shouldn’t be clean-shaven. Rebellious hair and a straight face take away the power of your hairstyle! If you have fine hair, a high forehead or a receding hairline, then the bun is not the right look for you either.

Mens bun care

As mentioned at the beginning, a lot of hair on the head and face quickly leads to an unkempt exterior. A rule of thumb is actually the more hair there is on the head, the less hair should be on the face, but this is a little different with the men’s bun. A beard is part of it, so you automatically have a lot of hair and that means even more care. Especially in the transition period you should pamper your hair. Mild, non-moisturizing shampoo should be used, e.g. the Goldwell Scalp Sensitive and now and then a cure.

Of course, there are also special care products that promote blood circulation in the scalp and thus also hair growth. We can recommend the “Active” series from GLYNT. That should be enough for most hair. If you want to wear a strict bun you can still use hairspray or foam, but you should always pay attention to the dosage. Too much is never good, unless it really has to endure something.


It remains to be seen whether the new men’s hair fashion will develop into a mainstream hairstyle trend like the undercut, or whether it will continue to be stylish and rebellious. We wish you every success with growing and persevering. Here you can find an overview of the trendy men’s hairstyles. If you liked the article, please leave a like, we would be happy. Here are a few more inspirations from our Pinterest pin board.

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Men Men's hairstyles

Long Hairstyle For Men

Today there is again something new about hairstyles! And a rather neglected topic: Because with all hairstyle trends that are there for men, one thing always comes a little too short: Long hair for men. What exactly “long” means cannot be said in general.

“Long” is a matter of opinion, even varies from culture to culture. As soon as one speaks of a hair length that goes beyond the chin for men, there are really few trends in this direction for men. Why is that? In our country and in many other countries, long hair is culturally attributed to women. Historically, there have always been different norms in Europe and men’s hair has been worn sometimes shorter and sometimes longer.

Even if conventions have been liberalized significantly in recent years and there are far fewer taboos when it comes to style, short hairstyles are the standard for men. If men wear longer hair, it often means that they stand out from the social norm and have their own style.

Long hairstyles for men – a trend

But hairstyles that also require longer hair for men are becoming increasingly fashionable. It’s not just in celebrity actors like Johnny Depp or Owen Wilson and singers like Bill Kaulitz or Jared Leto that you can see a real mane more and more often, you can also see more and more men with long hairstyles on the streets. So such a change should definitely be worth considering.

For many faces, a hairstyle with chin-length or even longer hair is definitely advantageous. Especially if you have strong, healthy and well-groomed hair, you are welcome to present it longer. Regardless of whether the hair structure is straight or wavy, there is now the perfect cut for everyone. The hairstyle should of course also match your personal style and lifestyle.

The transition from a short hairstyle to a longer hairstyle is somewhat problematic. During this time you should seek advice from your hairdresser and find a good, suitable solution for each length level. Just growing your hair is not an alternative. Up to a certain point it works quite well, but at some point long hair looks unkempt. Therefore, you should also visit the hairdresser from time to time during the growth phase. But your friends will remind you of that, I’m sure. You can find good instructions on how to grow your hair here. Of course, long hair also needs a little more care. It is best to air-dry as often as possible instead of blow-drying, which brings a lot. A suitable shampoo with appropriate care can certainly not hurt either.

Longhair Refresh Variants

Really long and smooth, it takes a little more courage. Less styling is more, natural shine from healthy hair is all it takes. A popular and iconic hairstyle for rock musicians, but this look is not every man’s or woman’s thing. This hairstyle is very often worn by men from the Gothic scene and you can also see this hairstyle with many nerds. That is why it tends to be negative in our society and completely wrongly.

Long hair in men can look well-groomed and stylish. More and more fashion labels are using male models with long hair, and brands from Scandinavia often show this look in conjunction with a beard. However, the hair should never be longer than the shoulders and there is a fine line between nice and nerd, so always ask the mirror critically or listen to the advice of friends.

With the smoother variant of long hairstyles, it is also possible to wear a parting. The side parting is recommended here and can be on the left or right.

The best advice is the hairdresser, because one side is often better than the other due to vortices or the like. After choosing a parting, the hair is simply worn long and straight. Maybe fix a bit, but otherwise this hairstyle is straightforward too.


Of course, you also have different styling options with long hair. You can loosely tie the hair on the back of the head and thus has the effect that the face is free and the long hair is more in the background of the appearance. You don’t achieve it quite as well if you put your hair behind your ear. Here, too, the focus is more on the face. With a hat or a headband you can change everyday life a bit or save your hairstyle if your hair doesn’t want to be the way you do.

So no matter what length you like best and what type you are, you can find a long hairstyle that suits you. There is a clear trend in this direction. The hairdresser you trust will be happy to advise you if you want to try something completely new.

Here is a detailed text description: How to Style Long Hair for Guys

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Fade Haircuts For Man

Fade haircuts have been a popular addition to men’s haircuts for years. Therefore , I think the trend will not go away any time soon.

The haircut is called a fade because your hair is tapered on the back and side of your hair and blends with your skin. Whether you want a low, mid, high, taper, bald or skin fade haircut, faded hairstyles have something to offer every guy, including White, Black, Latino, and Asian men.

Before you get a fade haircuts, you should discovering different fades. In addition to the traditional fades, there are other specialty fades that exist. Check out these fades list below to find a new hairstyle for you.

#Skin fade

The skin fade haircuts, also known as a zero fade and bald fade. It’s a type of haircut that tapers on the sides and back, blending short faded hair into the skin. Generally, the haircut starts with longer hair on top of the head, and then gradually becomes shorter down the sides and back, towards the neck

#High fade

The high fade haircuts can complement all the best men’s hairstyles! A high fade is when the hair is gradually cut from the base of your head up above your temples, which is where your head starts to curve. In addition, some guys prefer their high fade to be cut down to the skin for a high bald fade. And then some guys more like a high taper fade or else types of fades. With so many different types of fades to choose from, you can get a versatile and cool hairstyle.

#Mid fade

A high fade is when the hair is gradually cut from the base of your head up near your temples, which s a balance between the low and high fade. Like other fades, come in a variety of styles and looks. The most guys choose mid fade haircuts because it doesn’t add any width at the sides. A men with round face is more suitable for this hairstyle and work well for thick hair, curly hair, and black hair.

#Low fade

A low fade is when the fade line is lower than a traditional fade and begins about 1 inch (2.5 cm) or so above the hairline. In other words, starting from the lower part, the hair fades upwards into longer hair above.Because low fades are versatile, they can be added to any men’s hairstyle – short, long, curly or straight. In conclusion, the low fade works well with a number of different stylish men’s hairstyles.

#Taper fade

The hair on the sides and back is cut with a coarse clipper blade from the lower edge of hair growth to or nearly full up to the crown. The clipper is gradually arced out of the hair at the hat band to achieve a taper. A fine clipper is used from the sideburn to about an inch above the ear. Clipper lines are blended out so there is a seamless transition between lengths.

#Temple fade

The Temple Fade, also known as a Brooklyn Fade, Low Fade, or Blow Out, is a hairstyle that gained popularity in the early 2000s. The hair is tapered from the scalp to 1 cm (0.4 in) in length from the edge of the hairline up 2 cm (0.8 in). The rest of the hair is left the same length, usually 2–5 cm (0.8–2.0 in), depending on the preference of the client.

#Bald fade

Also known as a skin fade, the bald fade tapers hair to expose the skin. Like other fades, the skin fade can be low, medium or high. Fades can also be straight, drop down, burst behind the ear, or taper the sideburns and neckline. Bald fades can also be added to any hairstyle, from short to long and straight to curly. As you’ll see, this fresh cut is for everybody.

#Burst fade

The burst fade took is a popular fade haircut in recent years. The burst fade tapers the line of hair behind the ear, leaving hair longer at the neck. The shape is rounded, like a sun is rising behind the ear.

#Drop fade

The drop fade haircut gets its name because the fade drops low behind the ear and down to the nape of the neck. Men can choose between the high, mid, and low drop fade depending on how short they want to cut their hair on the sides and back.

How To Get A Skin Fade

Step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the “picture perfect blend” or “photoshop fade” in under 30 minutes.

Here is a detailed text description: How to Cut a Fade Haircut

How to Choose a Fade Haircut

How To Style?

Style the top with a hair styling product. Clay, wax, gel, and pomade all work well with faded hair. Work a small amount of styling product into the top, brushing or combing it as you do so to give it a clean, neat look.

Trim the fade every 4 to 6 weeks, as regular maintenance. To maintain the same hair length and fade, re-trim the cut approximately once every 4 to 6 weeks. Although fades grow out evenly, their style can change significantly as they grow out and require routine trims


Because fades are a complicated cut, avoid cutting your own hair unless you have hairstyling experience. Cut another person’s hair or have someone cut your hair so the person cutting can see the entire head and blend the cut evenly.


The fade is an absolute trend hairstyle that has now arrived in the mainstream. It is very similar to the undercut but still changes it a lot so that you can easily switch between these hairstyles. Here is an overview of the best men’s hairstyles. If you liked the article, leave a like. If you have any questions, just write a comment. We will reply promptly.

If you still have questions, you can visit here.

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Buzz Cut Haircuts For Men

The buzz cut is one of the latest hairstyle trends for men. With this haircut, the man grabs the razor and lets it hum. “Buzz”. The result is an easy-care, simple, uncomplicated short hairstyle for men that has already conquered half of Hollywood.

In this article you will learn everything about the so-called buzz cut, how to have it cut, care for it, style and where the hairstyle comes from.

7 Most Popular Buzz Cut For Men

Your way to the buzz cut

If you want to have a buzz cut cut or shaved, you should think about it carefully beforehand, because once the hair is off, it takes a while before it is back. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions before you go to the razor.

Does the buzz cut suit me?

The buzz cut suits men with a square, round or oval head shape. It is equally suitable for thick and thin hair. In addition, you shouldn’t have any hard edges or misshapen shapes on your head, as the buzz cut reveals any unevenness. Also think about the back of your head, scars, hair gaps and the condition of your scalp, which can affect the hairstyle. One more thing: If you have disproportionately large or protruding ears, you can optically reinforce this with this haircut.

What length should the shave be?

If the buzz cut suits you, you should decide how long or short you want to shave. It is advisable to start a little longer, because you can always get shorter. The shorter the hairstyle, the more radical and extreme the look. In general, a hair length of 2 – 20 mm is recommended. If you have thin hair, don’t cut too much, as it can look a little too empty. The thicker the hair, the shorter you can go.

Can I cut the buzz cut myself?

Now the time has come, we can start. But there is one more question. Cut or shave yourself or go to the hairdresser? Anyone who thinks they have to save 15-25 € for the hairdresser is probably saving in the wrong place. Nevertheless, there will be enough men who want to go for it. If you dare to do it yourself, you should definitely note the mm setting of your razor if you remove the attachment for cleaning. If you don’t have a smart hair clipper, I can recommend the Panasonic ER-DGP82 from Amazon. You shave from front to back, against the grain. One lane at a time until they are all the same length. Do you want different lengths? Then go to the hairdresser and show him a photo.

Can you style?

As a man, it’s very difficult to do anything else on the buzz cut, but that’s why it’s so popular. When the hair is a bit longer again, the hair can be shaped a little with wax, but actually the buzz cut is there to not have to do anything more.

Tip: if you’d like to change something, shave the sides a little shorter with a transition to the top hair. It looks a lot cooler and isn’t that monotonous.

Care for the buzz cut

The buzz cut comes from the military sector and is also called military cut or marine cut or marine hairstyle. Of course, designed to be as uncomplicated as possible. So this haircut will be easy for you. Now and then a little shampoo in your hair and you’re done. Your scalp can breathe and your hair roots will thank you too. It also protects your hair from bad products, so it will be a real recovery regimen for the hair.

Origin of the trend

But where does the buzz cut come from and how did it become a trend? Anyone who looks at the icons of the youth and thus the influence of the fashion industry knows. Drake, Kanye West, Pharell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are just a few of the celebrity role models who wear this haircut. The stubble had long disappeared from the scene and is now coming back. In keeping with a youth without worries, you no longer have to worry about your hair either. From a visual point of view, a haircut can also be seen as a kind of modification of the undercut, only with significantly shorter hair.


  • Keep your buzz cut maintained. Most people with this cut trim their hair again every 2 weeks or so.
  • Take your time when buzzing your hair. Rushing through it could lead to an uneven cut.
  • Have a friend or family member help you if possible, especially when buzzing the back of your head.
  • If you mess up, don’t panic. Go to your local barber or salon to have your buzz cut fixed.


Compared to other hairstyle trends, the buzz cut is very masculine, simple and inexpensive. If you have a distinctive and masculine face or a beautiful head shape, you should definitely try it.

You can find more hairstyles in our overview of men’s hairstyle trends.

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56 Cool Teen Boys Haircuts In 2022

The assortment of boys haircuts are wide and versatile. You can choose something short and easy for your boy, or you can use your imagination and choose something unique and one of a kind.

We’ve decided to bring together the hottest and trendiest hairstyles for boys that are hitting the top of this summer charts. Even if your little man refuses to go to the hairdresser, he will definitely change his mind when you show him our ideas!

Even though there are a lot of trendy short haircuts these days, we decided to bring your attention to these pompous cuts. Their beauty is that they can wear different clothes without losing their charm. Either the pump or the fluff and mess still look amazing! Although they are little boys, the versatility and style appeal to men of all ages!

The low fade hair is perfect for a boy who dreams of becoming a real man in the future. Of course, we’re a bit dramatic here. But it does look dazzling on this little but very serious young man. In addition, he will love to stand out from the crowd with his neat and unique hairstyle!

Boys Haircuts Bellow

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49 Most Popular Men’s Haircuts in 2022

How to choose right haircuts and cool hairstyles ? Don’t worry,here is the best collection for you in one complete guide.

There are many men’s haircuts for you to choose with face shape.Such as,fade haircuts,crop haircuts,buzz cut styles,quiff haircuts,comb over hairstyles,slicked back hair and so on.Different hairstyles have different styles.

Here are many cool haircuts to try this year. If you want to try the latest hairstyle trends, now is the time to do it.In this article,we will discuss the most popular men’s haircuts for you.I hope to be helpful to you.

The Complete Guide To Men’s Haircuts and cool hairstyles.

1. Low Skin Fade + Wavy Hair

The low skin fade haircut is a popular men’s haircut.Main features:involves long hair on top which gradually gets shorter until skin-level as it goes down to the sides and nape area.Also commonly called a bald fade or a zero fade,it can brings with it a crisp contrast.

2. MID FADE + Slash Design+Slicked Back Haircut

A modern take on the classic men’s slicked back haircut. The hair is styled using a blow dryer and wide toothed comb to create the separation and detail. Use a strong hold matte finish pomade to keep the hairstyle in place.

3. The Forte Series Texture Clay!

If you haven’t tried Forte yet or just need a fresh jar, now’s the best time to order!⁣

4. Mid fade + Medium Hair On Top Haircut

This is such a great haircut.To get this look use a light to medium hold pomade. Work a small amount of pomade into your hair when it is dry. Or, work it into damp hair and use a blow dryer and brush to get that movement and wavy look.

5. Buzz Cut + High Fade

While being navy short, buzz cuts can additionally be cool. This appears tames thick hair with a brief cut, line up, and high fade.

6. Undercut + Brushed Back

The men’s undercut haircut is a trendy style built on the “short sides, long top” concept that creates a cool, classy look for all guys.

7. Beard Shape + Line Up

The balance between buzz and beard make facial hair appear fuller and thick hair on the head lighter.

8. Natural Waves + Medium Length Haircut

A very natural looking classic men’s haircut. Short sides, a bit longer on top, brushed back into place.

9. mid Fade + Spiky Texture + Buzz

The mid fade is versatile, classy, and easy to get. This faded cut can be combined with short haircuts like the crew cut, buzz cut, French crop, or fringe for an awesome textured finish.

10. Side Swept Hairstyles For Men

The side swept haircut is a cut that requires short hair on the sides and back with longer hair on top. The central theme of these side swept hairstyles is that the definition between top, back, and sides are always prominent.

Hairstyles Men's hairstyles Women

How To Determine Your Face Shape Quickly

The best way to determine your face shape is by measuring it. there is a easy for you.
Start by pulling back your hair into a pony tail or pinning it back so your hairline is visible. Take a photo of yourself or have someone take one for you straight on. I used my computers camera and photoshop to outline my face.

Print your photo out and take a thick marker such as a sharpie and trace around your face shaped and along your hairline, or use photoshop like I did. Compare your face to diagram below and read about what styles and cuts will look best on your face shape.

1. A oblong face is longer than it is wide and slender. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw are the same width.

2. A square shaped face has a strong squared jawline with an equally squared hairline. The temples and cheek bones should be equally wide

3. A diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones and temples. The forehead and jawline are equally narrow.

4. A triangle shaped face has a dominant jawline that tapers towards the hairline with cheeks and temples narrower than the jaw.

5. A heart shaped face is widest at the temples and hairline and should narrow towards the jawline to a delicate pointed chin.

6. A round shaped face is full looking with a rounded jaw line and hairline. The widest point of your face will be your cheeks.

7. An oval face shape is some what narrower at the jawline than at the temples. The hairline is gently rounded.

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Rihanna,Maggie Q,Chloe Sevigny,Jennifer Garner,Eva Mendes,Ashley Simpson.