What should I do if I have dandruff and itchy scalp

What should I do if I have dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff and itchy scalp often occur at the same time.

Due to the itching of the scalp, it will scratch unconsciously, which will promote the production of dandruff. The continuous appearance of dandruff indicates damage to the skin barrier, which intensifies the itching of the scalp. The appearance of these two kinds of skin problems, regardless of before and after, will exacerbate each other.

Photo by Bennie Lukas Bester from Pexels

Causes of dandruff and itchy scalp

  • Seborrheic dermatitis: Excessive oil secretion leads to microecological dysfunction and Malassezia infection.
  • Excessive cleansing and long-term use of anti-dandruff shampoo: Short-term use of deep cleansing, anti-dandruff shampoo is often very effective. However, long-term excessive cleansing or long-term use of anti-dandruff shampoos. It not only lead to the loss of scalp lipids, leading to Malassezia resistance. And but also may lead to micro-ecological imbalance and aggravate dandruff.
  • Perm, dyeing, etc. cause damage to the scalp barrier and dysfunction.

Reasonable use of cleaning and care products

The main reason is due to scalp skin barrier function disorder. In order to solve dandruff and scalp itching, the following two points should be mainly achieved.

  • Symptomatic care: Use regular moisturizing shampoo after using deep cleansing or anti-dandruff shampoo for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Repair the scalp skin barrier. There are scalp care products on the market, especially the essence or lotion. These can used to repair the scalp barrier, which can be applied and rubbed by hand to promote scalp absorption. Even if these essences and lotions left on the hair, there is no harm.

Do not use conditioner on the scalp, because the conditioner contains a lot of high-molecular substances, which is not easy to be absorbed, and often has the risk of inducing acne, which will aggravate dandruff and scalp itching.