What Should I Do If My Hair Is Hard To Comb

What Should I Do If My Hair Is Hard To Comb

Hair that is too stiff, even though I have combed hard many times, is still not obedient, straight, and still has a hairy feeling. Therefore, I need a method of comb.

What should I do if my hair is hard to comb?

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Haircut: Tell the hairdresser to try to keep your hair as long as possible. It is better to thin it at medium to high levels.

Shampoo: Use heavy, oily shampoo, and use thicker, oily, and silicone oil conditioner. The oils in shampoo and conditioner can be deposited on the hair, making the hair soft and smooth.

Dry hair: Before blowing, wipe the hair until it does not drip, and apply a repairing hair cream. The oil in the hair cream can soften the hair and make the hair more supple.

Styling: thicker hair oils, hair creams, and gels have better styling effects, especially suitable for thick and hard hair.

Note: According to your own hair volume, squeeze an appropriate amount of hair cream and rub it with your hands first. When the hair is 80% dry, use your hands to spread the cream evenly on the hair. If it is very fluffy, add more, but not too much, otherwise it will feel greasy. Apply hair oil to areas that are particularly bulky, hard or want to be styling. After pressing with your hands, gently straighten your hair.